The problems of our time: pollution and the depletion of soil

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For centuries, land resources are considered one of the most important forms of wealth.Nevertheless, currently on soil accounts for a large load.In the following material will be considered one of the most important issues of our time: the pollution of the earth.

main causes of pollution and depletion of the soil at the moment is a special type of land degradation.This identified two main reasons for these negative changes.The first - a natural.The composition and structure of the soil may vary as a result of global natural phenomena.For example, due to the movement of lithospheric plates, constant exposure to large air masses or the water element.In connection with all the above reasons the natural destruction of the solid shell of the Earth gradually changes its appearance.As a second factor, which results in pollution and depletion of the soil can be called anthropogenic interference.Currently, it is most damaging.Consider this destructive factors in more detail.

human activity as a cause of soil degradation

negative anthropogenic influence often occurs as a result of agricultural activities, the work of large industrial facilities, building and construction, transportation and household needs and the needs of humanity.All of the above are the reasons of negative processes, called "pollution and depletion of the soil."Among the impacts on land anthropogenic factors are the following: erosion, acidification, the destruction of the structure and changes in the composition, the degradation of mineral foundations, waterlogging or, conversely, dehydration, dehumidification, and so on.


Perhaps it is this kind of human activity can be considered a key to the question of what causes the pollution and depletion of the soil.CAUSE This process is often linked.For example, the first is an intensive land development.The result is the development of deflation.In turn, plowing able to activate water-erosion.Even supplemental irrigation is considered a negative factor influence, as it is causes salinization of land resources.In addition, pollution and depletion of soil may occur in connection with the application of organic and mineral fertilizers, unsystematic grazing farm animals, destruction of vegetation, and so on.

Chemical pollution

on soil resources of the planet are greatly affected by the industry and transport.These two directions of human activities lead to the contamination of the land with all sorts of chemical elements and compounds.Especially dangerous is considered to be heavy metals, petroleum products and other complex organic substances.The appearance of all of these compounds in the environment is due to the work of industrial and internal combustion engines that are installed in most vehicles.

pollution and depletion of soil: response

Of course, initially it is necessary that everyone understand the extent of their responsibility for the favorable environment on the planet.In addition, it should be even at the legislative level to establish restrictions on the conduct of business.Examples of such events can be considered the increase in green spaces, as well as the establishment of control and systematic inspections of rational land use.