Forex: "What is the volume of transactions"

Most beginners Forex market torturing yourself the question of what should be the size of the transaction and that is it.

volume of transactions in other words - a number of bought or sold us the goods.For a visual example, consider the common situation in the transaction volume of 1.0 lot.On the Forex market the volume of one lot is equal to 100,000 units sold, that is, if we make a deal on the currency pair euro / dollar volume of 1.0 lot at the price of 1.2550, it is easy to calculate what we buy 100,000 units of the goods and pay for it accordingly 125500 unitscurrency, ie, in our case, we get the euro and the dollar are paying the price.

similar example can lead to a lower number, for example, we conclude the transaction volume of 0.01 lot at the price of 1.2550, it tells us that we buy 1,000 units of goods and pay for it in 1255 currency units.About what should be the scope of the lot to make trades the trader to decide for himself.Of course, it follows from the fact that the larger the volume of the lot in the concluded transaction the more meters can make it at one point.The volume of the lot directly affects the price of one item and calculated it is very easy, you just selected our lot size divided by 0.1 and we get the price of one item.

example, the lot size of 0.1 gives us the price of one item at a rate of 1 unit of currency, and the volume of the lot price, paragraph 1.0 provides 10 units of currency.The exceptions are those quotes which are presented in the form of five numbers after the decimal point, for example, 1.25505, in this case to know the cost of the item is necessary to divide the lot size is 0.01.

price of one lot - what exactly is a measure of volume in the foreign exchange market can vary greatly depending on ispolzuemyh currency pairs, especially krosovyh compared to the classic.It's worth noting that when trading the same volume of lots, broker may require different amounts of collateral, it all depends on the leverage that the trader use.The greater the volume traded, Tebe Bistro we will earn or lose money at strong price movements in the market, so it is necessary to take into account prisologicheskih factor, especially in the high volatility, such as the release of important economic news.