Why the formation of personality can not be outside of society?

Society plays a very important role in the formation and development of the human personality.Let's find out in what way.Man - a creature that can not live without interacting with other people.

ages - different need - a ...

in early childhood for the baby's society is its closest relatives: mother and father, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles.They bring a little man, taught him everything, talk about good and evil, and themselves become an example for him.Positive or negative - that is another question, it all depends on what kind of people they are.But it is in early childhood, the foundation is laid for a lifetime.

grow up a little, the child begins to play with the kids in the yard, garden visits.It falls into society of children, which affects communication with his character, outlook, baby grows, develops, imitate peers, he begins to form his own life experience, even though quite small, but important for later life.When a child goes to school, it is in the school community formed his personality.Here he usually appear friends that significantly affect it.At this age mates are more important than the parents.To their opinion the child listens and does not want anything to keep up with them.Teachers, too, are often respected for schoolchildren.We found out why the formation of the individual in society is impossible without a childhood.

In adolescence, a person begins to more closely interact with it.He participates in various competitions, his circle of acquaintances is constantly expanding.After entering the secondary specialized school or university teenager even more contact with various people, who in any case affect his personality.Very well, if positive.But, unfortunately, anything can happen.But do not let the bad news today.

Society and maturing

better to talk about why the formation of the personality can not be outside of society in adulthood.Man becomes an independent, gets a job, met with colleagues, he travels a lot.Communication and social interaction - a very important part of his life.So is the formation of the individual in society.

phenomenon of "Mowgli┬╗

agree with the above?Continuing to talk about why the formation of the personality can not be outside society, one can not forget the history of the children who were brought up in the animal world.Probably everyone knows the book Rudyard Kipling "Mowgli".The book is a book, but in real life there are such examples, too.Having lived for several years with the wolves, the child also becomes like an animal, he took over the habits, manners, way of life.When the kids are people, and tried to return to the human world, all their efforts were almost useless.Small "Mowgli" did not respond to training and further communicate almost could not.They are at a very early age had lost contact with society.

In conclusion

Now let's summarize and clarify the impact of society on the formation of personality.

  1. man with the first days of life and up to a ripe old age in contact with people.Each of them, anyway, leaves its mark.
  2. Friends have a great influence on the formation of human character.
  3. It should be noted that if a person truly mature, the company is unable to exert influence on it, it will go its own way, not in any way adapting to other people to survive.However, this is not often.These people are really strong spirit.

So, you know why the formation of the personality can not be outside of society.Let your communication with other people is extremely enjoyable and rewarding for both sides.