Demon possession

giving himself the power of bad feelings, people unwittingly lured away evil spirits.Help obsessed often fails neither the doctor nor the church.Apparently, this phenomenon needs a new approach ...

possessed people in which possessed by an evil spirit, it is difficult to get rid of their misery.They speak strange voices, in different languages, including the unknown.Women often say low, raspy voice, squeaky and men, women.Possessed may growl, howl like beasts, cluck and sing like a bird.They beat cramps, body trembles, jerks, twists, bends the arc.They suffer terribly during his strange seizures.Doctors usually give such people diagnosed with epilepsy or some mental illness.However, treatment typically consists of receiving neuroleptics sedative or at best of hypnosis result does not.

All hope is on the few priests who have the heart to take the implementation of the rite of exorcism.For this suffering is brought into the church, where the poor man feels more suffering, because the demons are extremely uncomfortable feeling in the temple of God.The priest puts the body possessed a Bible, a crucifix, reciting a long prayer.It does not always work, and not all priests are able properly to carry out the ritual.Among other things, this ritual is dangerous because it escaped the devil can spread to someone else.Quite often - by the priest himself.

disembodied sadists

famous German theosophist and an expert on the history of religion Dr. Mark Schmidt recently released monograph on exorcism - the expulsion of evil spirits, to inspire in people.This scientific work has caused fierce debate, both in the Christian churches, and among scientists.Schmidt believes exorcism myth that created charlatans to fish out people money for their services.This philosopher did not deny the existence of the spirit world.However, in his opinion, it is much better to spend with evil beings, to instill in man a diplomatic conversation, you call the priest sprinkling holy water and waving icons.

Schmidt believes that the spirits are bundles of energy - the wave forms of life that do not have a physical body.There are spirits that have positive energy - good spirits, and there have negative energy - evil spirits.They all live in another dimension, in a spirit realm.Sometimes, this world is in contact with our earthly world.For example, there are mediums - people with a special gift that can encourage a particular spirit to the human world.Or, if a person suddenly begins to behave unreasonably rude, rude, swear, fight and does not listen to calls to behave well, it may mean that it possessed by a demon.

What makes evil spirits stay on the ground?Why do they like good spirits, do not go to a higher level of reality?Evil spirits, according to Schmidt - is the soul of the dead, who lived unjustly.Everyone knows the people for whom it is important to only own prosperity.The concept of "conscience" for them there.They are capable of any meanness, and even a crime, to achieve personal well-being.The extreme case - people with sadistic inclinations.He brings joy to other people's suffering - whether physical or spiritual.What happens when those people die?Their souls still need to torment the living people to eat their pain and feel good.This is the lowest quality of the spirits who live on the lowest level of the spiritual world.They can not go up to higher layers.

usually victims of evil spirits (demons in the Orthodox tradition) are the people who are in the power of negative emotions.Every day, they cultivate a hatred for someone, bitterness, anger, envy, fear, resentment, jealousy.These emotions evil spirits attracted negative vibrations that are filthy and eats.Negative emotions act as bait for the demons may be the result of family or business conflicts, illness and stress.Sometimes full, by and large, nonsense type of desire to be the "cool" on the road, very sexy in a certain narrow range, the most successful gardeners in the village.What is important is not the reason, and the power of the negative against the emotions of other people.Perhaps such feelings, even zealously suppressed, are the result of bitter childhood memories or some traumatic psyche of events witnessed by man.

Hazardous rites

idea of ​​church exorcism - to rely on God in the expulsion of evil spirits.One of the ceremonies is to loudly calling of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary, to force the evil spirit separate from the person.This is how, for example, the Protestant minister Theodor Scholz from Bautzen.He puts on the neck of the possessed a rosary and repeats three times, "Lord, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, give strength servant of God (name) get rid of the devil!" Rite takes a lot of the priest, usually after he loses weight by several kilograms.Needless to say, that by Scholz people come from all over Germany and from other countries?But not always able to help his father Theodore suffering.

However, according to Dr. Schmidt, the word of Christianity have no force in the world of spirits.For the dead man, what is, in fact, an evil spirit, the word "Christ" means nothing.In addition, not all the evil spirits in his lifetime were Christians.Then they do not exist such thing as a crucifix or holy water.Words can not turn or the river to move mountains.Christian doctrine says that if we really believed that we could do it, then - yes, could.But no one had ever seen a priest, moving mountains.Similarly, no priest can not get anything done spirit is in another dimension.

Devils often like to scare people and evil joke on them.They like to move objects to make noise, leave marks on the floor to speak in different voices, turn on and off appliances (poltergeist phenomena).Sometimes some people haunted by the feeling that someone is behind them all the time watching or calling by name.Psychiatrists have traditionally credited with such complaints pathological delusions of persecution - paranoia.But not all so simple ...

The case when Barbara Sadetska, a single polka, for eight years, lamented the fact that the house is always present smell of cats, although neither she nor her neighbors never kept in the house these animals.Forty years of Mrs. Barbara relatives were taken to a psychiatrist, but they were forced to admit her mental health.It ended the matter so that the two doctors admitted: yes, really smells like cats.And why - God knows ... Such small muck - the machinations of evil spirits.They do so solely in order to see the reaction of them are interested in the subject.Sometimes frightened people to relocate, some crazy.That is what the demons wanted.If you just laugh at jokes "barabashek" then they leave without getting their food - the energy of negative emotions.

Dr. Schmidt noted a stable connection between the phases of the moon and the activity of evil spirits.It reaches its peak during the full moon, when the geomagnetic field have the highest tension.This again, according to the theosophist, confirmed the wave nature of invisible beings.It was a full moon, "noisy ghosts" like to joke to people's homes, and walks in the woods every evil.Schmidt believes that the exorcism, as well as the evocation mediums is not harmless ritual.There are cases where people have died from such rites.Trying to influence the spirits, we are fueling their energy, giving to leave our world.Where lived a demon, after an awkward, incorrectly performed the rite of exorcism can settle somewhat.This most likely explains the rampant cases of possession in the monasteries and villages, which in the Middle Ages led to all-out witch hunt.

strange Aunt Martha

In his monograph, Dr. Schmidt cites an incident that occurred with his distant relative, Aunt Martha.This stout cleanly German Frau seemed to have lived at the same time two different people.Usually very gentle and kind, at times a woman turned into a fury.At such moments, March suddenly began to speak strange voice - husky and low, became rude and angry, uses profanity.Usually, she screamed: "Now pour me a schnapps!" And ransacked the house in search of a bottle.If the house turned out alcohol, Martha got drunk three sheets.This is despite the fact that in its normal state in March not to drink alcohol, even beer.What is the worst thing, Aunt Martha stripped naked and wandered in this way through the streets, offering passers-by the men themselves.These attacks began Martha, when she was thirty-two years.Relatives tried to treat poor.But a psychiatrist who showed her, found no disease.They tried to use hypnosis, but to no avail.

local priest determined that a woman possessed by an evil spirit.He spent an exorcism, after which the attacks have become more frequent.This became known to Schmidt.He spoke with a relative from the heart, and found out that a young man she was going to get married, but the bride threw Martha, preferring her best friend.The latter, as it turned out, died when Martha was thirty-two years.Schmidt concluded that the spirit of the deceased moved into Aunt Martha.He went to the cemetery, where a friend was buried (the fact that the spirits are often tied to the place where they buried the dead body of the owner), and in a loud, firm voice asked the evil spirit to leave Martha.Such talk theosophical thought it necessary, since, in his opinion, the spirits - are living beings without a physical body, endowed with intelligence, feelings and emotions.In addition, Schmidt tried to convince the relative you need just a friend, she otbivshuyu Man.After all, the spirit of the deceased is powered by negative energy of resentment, which cherishes March.It will not be this food - unbind and spirit.

Everyone is kind of an antenna radiating emotional energy - positive or negative.The latter is used to lure evil spirits, they quickly come to its "smell."To get rid of them, you should forgive everyone who has ever hurt us or wronged, get rid of envy and hatred.Discouragement also attracts demons - no wonder Christianity considers it a grave sin.Destructive emotions can not be kept locked up in the dark recesses of our soul, you need to let them go.This council gives Dr. Schmidt everyone, who moved in evil spirits, and all those who wish to protect themselves from them.

Ivan Kovalenko

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