How to cook garlic bread

an integral part of the diet of any person has always been the bread.No meal is complete without this component.No wonder they say "bread - the head of everything."Bread - a convenient addition to any dish.For breakfast, lunch and dinner - you will always find the one person on the table a variety of baked goods.He is also a regular guest of the holiday table.Finally, nothing can be compared with bread prepared in the home.Fragrant and hot homemade bread much tastier than store bought.Moreover, in it we can add the spices and herbs that are added to the bread factory is very rare.

There are a variety of taste and shape of breads.Depending on the input of the type of flour baked goods can be rye, rye-wheat, wheat-rye and wheat.Also, bread stuffing may be totally different from the olives to different kinds of spices.

One of the most popular bakery products is garlic bread.Tasty, fragrant and crisp it complements many types of salads and soups.Taste your sandwiches will play in a new way, if you use them to prepare garlic bread.You can also treat yourself to a crispy toasted him, complemented with aromatic spices - they will add spice to any lunch or dinner.Not to mention the fact that it is an ideal snack to beer, capable to please any lover of beer.This bread will give you not only for its amazing taste, but also easy to prepare.Bake it will not cause you any trouble.

There are many different recipes.In some you are invited to use ready-made baguettes, in others you begin the process of cooking from scratch, that is, preparing and filling, and the foundation under it.The composition of the filling usually consists of garlic, butter or olive oil, salt, garlic powder and dried spices: dill, parsley, oregano and basil.Sometimes, to give more flavor add cayenne or black pepper and thyme.

If the bread is necessary to prepare the dough, they usually use either wheat or corn flour.Subsequently, the cooking process and product in one and in the other case the same and is as follows.

pulverized garlic and parsley in a blender until a smooth slurry.Add butter, warmed to room temperature and stirred again.As a result, you should get the softened butter, flavored with parsley and garlic.To make the spice you can add to this mix a variety of spices to your taste.After cooking, you take a baguette fillings and make diagonal cuts on it.It is better to be very deep, but it is not necessary to cut a loaf completely.Then lubricate their garlic butter with parsley and wrap in foil baguette baking dish and put in the oven.Before applying for the best type of cut slices of cooked bread have to make cuts.Your delicious garlic bread ready for tasting and reception food.

You can cook the bread in the oven, not only, but also in the bread machine.Moreover, the preparation of bread in the bread machine is also very easy and convenient.To do this, you just need to fill up all the ingredients in a bowl and a general right to set the mechanism of preparation.And then all of you will do the machine.Garlic bread in the bread maker will air a crisp.And, of course, it takes a lot of pleasant your household.

Having prepared garlic bread, you will please yourself and your family tasty and fragrant product as well as add to their table some flavor, which will make your dishes even more delicious.