Which zodiac sign in October?This question interests as birthdays and their friends.If you (or your friend) were born in the period of time from the twenty-fourth day of September to October 23, your sign - Libra.Characteristics of the character of the zodiacal circle described in detail in this article.

Fall ... What zodiac sign?

in October ruled Libra.Management of the planet - Saturn and Venus.The symbolism of the mark - book and scales.Suitable colors: blue, green, blue and all the pastel shades.Successful days for those born in this period - Saturday and Sunday, and dysfunctional - Sunday and Tuesday.Lucky Numbers - 2, 6, 7, 8, 15. And all those who are divided into 6.

Which zodiac sign in October, is under the influence of Venus?

Libra, born from September 24 to October 2, fall under the influence of Venus, which makes them soft, kind, gentle, sympathetic and dreamy.Surrounding see it, and therefore is often used decency of people.

Which zodiac sign in October, is under the influence of Saturn?

If your birthday from 3 to 13 October, you - Libra, Saturn operated.In this case your are the hallmarks of restraint and prudence.Such people do not need luxury, moderation is important.

Which zodiac sign in October, is under the influence of Jupiter?

If a person is born from 14 to 23 October, its ruling planets - Jupiter.These scales are very sensual, discreet and refined, endowed with creative talents.

October 21: What zodiac sign?

People who were born at the end of the second decade of the sign of Libra, can adopt some of the quality of Scorpio.But they will be minor and not very pronounced.

October 23 - a sign of the zodiac?

If the person was born on the last day allotted Libra, it belongs to the mark.But most likely, it will have not only refined taste peculiar to said character zodiacal horoscope, but obstinacy and aggressiveness of Scorpio.


People who are born under the sign of Libra, love the light and fresh air.They are eager to learn and constantly interested in something.Do not say anything without thinking even the smallest details.They are charming and attract people's attention with its charm and spontaneity.Scales subconsciously feel, where and what to say, know how to properly use flattery can enchant only one word and a smile.They like to be admired, look enthusiastic and devote maximum attention.The biggest disadvantage of this sign is that the balance is very worried about what people think about them by others.Because of this, many problems are cashing in and spoil your life.If there is a dispute, it will be up to the latter to seek a compromise, since the fight - it is not their method.

love affairs

Of all the signs of Libra - is the best option for marriage.Guided not only feelings, but also the mind, these people are arranged right priorities.In general, with his partner Libra tender and gentle, men can even be sentimental.If Libra someone like it, then gently and carefully they will make the location of your lover.But because of the constant desire to please all the balance can not choose a pair of heart and mind.The paradox of this sign is that, for all their sincerity and faithfulness, they often lead double lives - and have a husband / wife and a lover / mistress.Again, the problem is excessive worry about what people say ...