What makeup is best to use in the winter?

winter, our skin is particularly sensitive and requires careful maintenance.Therefore, you should learn a set of measures for the care of the skin, then it was not necessary to take drastic measures.'s Skin as winter, and in cosmetics imposes special restrictions winter.What are they?

First of all, in the winter can not do without quality nourishing cream with a good, rich texture.If the skin in the summer all the time you need to moisturize, so that it quietly endured the impact of UV rays in the winter day cream should be more nutritious.After all, if you inflict a moisturizer with a lot of moisture, it can freeze in the cold and thus greatly hurt the skin.

There is a common recommendation for make-up and cream in winter should apply the cream on the face for at least half an hour before going into the cold, to the cream had a good soak and dried up.

It's no secret that the skin in the winter very much dehydrated in the cold, because when it is at sub-zero temperatures, it does not generate any fat, so fat it is a must.

It should be borne in mind that the moisturizer is solidified in the cold, and nutritious - no, and so does not injure your skin.

With regard moisturizer , in the winter it can be applied at night.

Tone Cream should also be a special composition.It should contain vitamin E, as well as being oil and not water-based.It is understood that too moisturizing creams that you use in summer, winter is not good to behave on the skin.

Do not get too carried away in the winter and powder .This is especially true with a dense powder coating, because it is, in fact, slightly dries the skin.So, if you're constantly refreshing makeup using powder during the day, you can greatly help retain moisture the skin and to nullify all the efforts exerted to care for her.

As for the eyes, from the carcass to give, of course, is not necessary.But it is worth remembering that the eyelashes winter snow falls, and when you visit from the cold in the room, on the eyelashes will condense.If your mascara will nevlagostoykaya, your makeup can swim.Therefore, choose a moisture resistant or resistant mascara.

In the case of the lips have to abandon the stand lipstick , because it is very dry lips.Your lipstick should have a fat, rich texture.It is also desirable that it contains vitamins B and E, because they are great to moisturize the lips.

It should be very carefully and accurately attributed to shine .If you have a transparent shine, it is likely that it will be a little to dry lips.Richer color shines, as a rule, have a nutritional formula.A clear gloss, containing a large amount of moisture, can simply freeze in the cold and injure your lips.

So choose the right makeup for the winter, and then your skin is always beautiful and fresh.

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