What is the secret of beauty supermodels?

Every woman, seeing on the TV screen supermodel, really wants to look just as good.But our appearance or shape does not always look as attractive.

We attribute this to the fact that the business model invite beautiful and graceful by nature girls.And in fact, each model did not have to exert a little effort and money to look as if time has no power over them.

skin supermodels always shines, hair shine, they are always in great shape.Of course, to act on the most famous make-up artists, stylists, nutritionists, from which they receive invaluable advice, but, according to the models, only the woman depends on her appearance.

supermodels Life is not so simple - the constant flights, long hours of work on the catwalk, great physical and emotional stress.So girls, successful in his profession in the first place, organized and punctual, have good manners and sense of humor, able to cope with stress, and all this requires a model of self-discipline.They do not forget that in life, except for concerns about its beauty, there are many important and interesting.The main thing - do not be lazy, to maintain a good mood every day and take care of themselves.

not every day supermodel visit professionals.Basically, their methods of grooming a surprisingly simple and accessible to everyone.

Particular attention all models give the skin: it must be clean, smooth and radiant.In our appearance nothing so eloquently testifies to the state of health and the degree of our prosperity as complexion.To maintain the skin in perfect condition, it is necessary to adhere strictly to a particular system: cleansing, toning and moisturizing, 2 times a day.

famous makeup artists and dermatologists advise to abandon the belief that luxury cosmetics is better than cheap.It is necessary to buy exactly what suits your skin type.Thorough cleaning - this is the most important procedure in order to have a clean, smooth skin.However, excessive washout facilitates purification of natural fats allocated wheel, and this causes its dryness.Women need to clean the skin every day and always before bed, no good reason not to do it, does not exist.

talking about toning, many models say that it does the skin more harm than good, especially when using alcohol-based toners.Better for this use infusions of herbs: sage, chamomile, succession, Marigold.

But to moisturize the skin should be treated very seriously, because this procedure prevents dehydration of the skin and protects it from external influences.The main thing - to choose the right tool.Various cosmetic companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising, in every one praising miraculous moisturizing, but we must remember that the basis of any such agent is water, an emollient, which retains moisture, moisturizer, absorbs and retains moisture, as well as a means of protecting the skin from the sunand flavoring.This is what you should pay attention when buying.For skin to look beautiful, it is necessary to defend it.

Maintain the epidermis - the outer layer of skin - in good condition does not mean merely to fulfill a set of procedures to care for her.It is also important to support and nourish the skin from within.Not only the model, but also ordinary women are often subjected to overload regularly are in a state of physical and emotional stress.

In addition, lack of vitamins, the harmful effects of sunlight and pollution, smoking adversely affect the health and elasticity of the skin.According to experts, a lack of drinking water is the main cause of poor skin condition.Throughout the day, do not leave model with drinking water, carry a bottle, because they know that this is the right way to rid the body of harmful toxins - the worst enemies of healthy skin.At home, the water tank can be placed everywhere, in different places, where you spend the most time.Every time he saw water, drink a small portion.

Often, the models can be heard, and this recipe - Each day begins with a cup of hot water.Just do not add anything to the water, and you must allow the water to cool down a bit, that it was not quite so hot water.Hot clean water as anything else will result in the movement of the entire body and cleanse it.

Grooming skin, do not forget about the massage.This gives the rest of your face.High-quality facial massage works wonders: a woman looks rejuvenated and refreshed.Unfortunately, this massage at home is difficult to make.But at home in the refrigerator, you can find the ingredients that will help freshen up a tired face.

example: Mix a small amount of yogurt with the same amount of honey.Apply the mask on your face and leave for 15 minutes.Rinse with warm water, then apply moisturizer.Or, mix the egg white and the juice of half a lemon.Leave the mask on for 10 minutes.Rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer.Before you make a mask, it is necessary to clean the face, otherwise it will contaminate the person rather than cleaned.

From time to time any supermodel pimples on the face, and then it is ready to give anything to get rid of them.To cope with this problem will help a few rules: Do not squeeze pimples unnecessarily.When squeezing pimple must remember the sequence: pus, blood and pus again (inflammation of the pimple will not stop if you do not remove the pus, located deep inside).To mask formed pimple, first wipe the skin cleanser on the basis of alcohol, then apply a little concealer and powder the.

As you see, to look good, you need to make great efforts.However, every woman knows that the results are worth it.Caring for herself, she could look no worse than the most famous model.

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