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I am a biology teacher in a regular school.I ask the guys assignment: write a scientific study about why, after heavy rains on asphalt and earth are dead earthworms.So, what were the arguments in a notebook in one of my students:

"1.Nablyudenie: after the rain on the earth, asphalt and other surface streets, appear dead earthworms.

2.Postanovka problematic question: Why, after rainon asphalt and earth lying dead earthworms? This question, and the fact that they appear.

hypothesize that lying dead earthworms. We can assume that before the most rain, followed by lying around a certain number of deadearthworms, somewhere was a strong wind, or maybe even a tornado that blew away the surface layers of the earth, and took its inhabitants, earthworms, and then a tornado already with worms that have been killed by this natural disaster, suffered in another area of ​​the Earth andgot to the clouds, and then the tornado dies down and the dead worms remain in the clouds and then "drop out" with the sedimen


also suggests that when it rains the worms crawl to the surface as the ground becomes loose and they just crawl to the top,through any instincts or worms due to density changes accidentally hit the ground surface.But the worms, rain (!) And named them so precisely because they are somehow in a special act in the rain.

assume that they crawl to the surface and there it is difficult to navigate, and they crawl on the surface of despair, can not get back into their habitat, and die.

3. Now, in order to test what factors forced to get out of worms to the surface of the earth, or what factors have forced worms to be inside of a tornado, it is necessary to carry out the experiment.

So how to create an artificial tornado I fail, I can not conduct an experiment on this topic.I can only fill a container and earth worms to start, and then water them with rainwater.

But first you need to collect the rainwater, and indeed create all the natural habitat of earthworms.

do that I can not and do not have sufficient amount of knowledge in the study of worms and rainfall, and therefore I can not conduct an experiment on this topic.

4. Just do not get to make a control experiment, and then to put forward the theory is proved in exactly one of my hypotheses.Although I think the most reliable option, the hypothesis of a tornado, as on TV, I saw about the "rain frogs" and "rains with fish of dead" when tornadoes captured water from the reservoirs, wetlands, and so on, and then transferred to other areas of ourplanet and captured animals "fell" with ordinary rainfall. "


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