Dreams - harbingers of separation

true story.

Seventeen years - a wonderful age!Dreams of a prince, eternal love, a dizzying novel circling my young and carefree head at the time.And so happened, my prince was found (called Anton)!Not to say that I fell in love with him at first sight, but "caught" he gave me something of a first date.Now, from the height of decades of experience I realize that the whole thing was in his ostentatious indifference (it after the meeting did not call, but it was clear that like I told him greatly - his eyes had lit up as soon as he saw me, and we shall make a reservation, tomeeting only communicated via SMS and met also by SMS - a friend gave him my number and he called).Beauty particular Anton was no different, in appearance obviously was not my dream.But the coldness and silence him after our meeting!In general, a classic of the genre - "the less we love a woman ...ยป

I, like millions of naive little girls fall for it, and away we go ...

All the same common friend of ours made it clear that waiting for AntonI was a first step and the first principle he will not call me.For three days I was proud, waited for him to call or message and not written too.

So, on the fourth day, early in the morning I had a very vivid dream: I see myself as came to Anton in the hostel (he lives in a dorm), but where his room, I do not know and trying to find his room, calling him.He does not answer for a long time, then finally picks up the phone and angry voice replied that there was no need to come here and asked to leave.I'm at a loss - how so?But he says: "Go away, I do not need."I pay much, sobbing, and at that moment I wake up.All face in tears wet pillow, and a nasty feeling - as if the soul did not care.But looking downers and found that crying in a dream - it is a great happiness, calm down and sleep safely forget.

I will not bore you with the details, except to say that the dream came true.I he still wrote the first, he said, once a date, then another, first kiss, walk under the moon, and he's so gentle, love, caring ... In general, I was not recognized until recently myself that fell in love with him atears, but ...

Two months later, he disappeared from my life.Called becoming less dryly answered my calls and SMS.Well, I would not be imposed, everything was as unapproachable.Although he suffered without him, crying at night, and only then realized how much I love it.So my first dream come true - great happiness came after bitter tears of separation.He just threw me out of his life as an unnecessary thing.

year has passed.I have all the time he could not forget all fans otshivala, and I only needed it.And one spring night, I was returning home by bus, and from the window I saw Anton - he stood on the opposite side of the street.My heart turned over, tears flowed from his eyes, all the passengers are at a loss looking at me, crying, and I could not do anything with them.A month later, I was after a lot of soul-searching and doubt sent him a sms without even hoping that he still has the old number.After a couple of hours, the message was delivered, and almost immediately called back, Anton.I invited him to meet at the end of the week, he agreed.We met and realized that fate sends us a second chance.We started dating again.I loved it from day to day all the stronger.And again he began as then - love and family.My happiness lasted 4 months.

One morning I woke up from a very bad dream: Anton and his friends are sitting in a cafe, and my favorite at some distance from me, cuddle, as always, is silent.After some time, I'm out of the room and back, caught this picture: Anton on his lap sits a girl, petite, svetlenkie and he hugs her.I was no one pays attention.I see that next to Anton on the couch is a little place, and I can well fit, but do not sit down for some reason.I am overwhelmed with a terrible anger and jealousy, and I wake up with these feelings.

Digging into dream book, know that jealous of her boyfriend in a dream - to the emergence of a rival.But again, I do not believe - but here everything is so wonderful, I have for him is the best and the only way he always spoke to me.

But after two weeks of my Anton seemed to have changed, it has become less likely to call and write, at the meeting was very thoughtful and silent.I tried to talk to him openly, and he told me that his girlfriend, whom he met before he met with me and that he threw a short time later, he phoned again and wants to be with him.

It turned out that all this time Anton could not forget her and now wants me to let him go.I could not.Let everything take its course - maybe blow over, and I'll make my love Anton forget it.But three weeks later, he went out again.I went to the girl, sent me a farewell poem just stupid.To describe how I felt, I will not, there are no words.It was very hurt by the betrayal of their stupidity and memories.It was only then that I remembered the prophetic dream, but it was too late.

This is not the end of our history!Two months later, he wrote that he wanted to see.I agreed, because it is very loved and wanted to be with him, though not for long, at least an hour to see him.He came to me and left.He said that the girl had a row and can not sort out their feelings to me and to her.I forgave him.Yes, to be honest, I did not care - just to be with him and loving him.How hard he hugged me in the night, without releasing from the embrace, even in a dream!

And another 8 months of happiness, and it is even more caring and loving than it was then.Talking about the wedding, meeting with his parents.And all we have is wonderful!About that girl I do not ask, he spent all his spare time with me, even had no idea that he was able to communicate with her.

And here again a dream: we are sitting in the park with Anton and his friend.Suddenly come two girls and a little dark svetlenkie.And the blonde begins to revolve around Anton, hugging, talking with him, I was not paying attention.I'm terribly jealous, I jumped up from his seat and begin to beat his feet and push off the brazen girl.Eventually I manage to get rid of it, and I wake up.Remembering his previous dream of the girl-blonde, I understand that this story is still to be continued, but reassured myself that rival in a dream I drove, and then everything will end well for me!

I hasten to disappoint fans happy-ends: the ending of my novel sad.Anton still went to the girl - it turns out that all this time he maintained a relationship with her, and she felt that they were a couple, and made plans for marriage and children.A year later they were married and still together.

I'm also married to a wonderful man love me, but about those dreams still remember.More I never dreamed of anything like this, and thank God!

PS And the girl was really short, skinny blonde, like in my dreams.


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