The most "rave" youth hotels Turkey

Leisure for every taste and budget tour operators offer all year round.In winter, the greatest demand is Thailand, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic, and with the onset of the summer season, travelers prefer the beaches of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.Family and rave hotels in Turkey, Spain, Cyprus and Greece should book a few months before the intended release of the high demand.

Holidays without worries

special category among tourists is considered young, but managers have long known by heart the best "rave" hotels in Turkey.This direction this year is the best ratio of "price-quality."Request for young people and, for example, married couples with children quite the opposite.The first do not want to see ever naughty kids on the beach, and the last dream of no noisy music near the apartment.

important factor in the organization of youth leisure is the price, because afford notorious "five stars" and the "all inclusive" can afford not all students.However, according to regular reviews "party-goers", the best company is going to expensive hotels, of which we will describe in this review.

Antalya and Kemer

Without exaggeration, the most famous resort of Antalya is considered, it is home to many "rave" hotels in Turkey.The city is located just 12 kilometers from the airport.Cozy coffee houses, cute souvenir shops and attractions and, of course, a lot of clubs and entertainment centers - it is not surprising that young people choose Antalya for a summer holiday.

worth noting that it is more urban resort, and find huge chain hotels with their own beach here is pretty difficult.However, the municipal beach is also not so bad, but if you want active entertainment, then the services of tourist opened two water parks: Aquapark and Aqualand.

youth resort of Kemer is considered largely due to the pebble beaches, as families with children often choose sand and easy entrance to the sea.

in the center of events

fame of the night clubs of Kemer, like a magnet for young people.

legendary Inferno, Soho and the Aura is famous for its theme parties and entertainment shows as well as performances by world celebrities.

If you want to be in the center of the nightlife of Kemer, choose one of the smaller hotels in the city.Thus it is possible to save money on accommodation and the best discos are within walking distance.For those who do not want to sacrifice comfort and used to getting everything out of life, we offer to pay attention to the "rave" Hotels in Turkey "5 stars".

Orange County Resort

magnificent architecture of the hotel, opened in 2005, is sure to appeal to young people.Colorful tents, a huge red windmill and cozy streets of Europe - Amsterdam design in the spirit of the XVI century is associated primarily with freedom and rebellious, so Orange County deservedly won in the category "youth rave hotels in Turkey."

concept of "ultra all inclusive" promises a high quality service and excellent food almost all day.On the shore of the Mediterranean Sea offers a private beach and marina.The most positive feedback gathered animation that works day and night: the small pool parties, action games, entertainment and disco at the pier.

fairness, we note that not all travelers are pleasant experience after a vacation in Orange County Resort.Some are not satisfied with the small territory of the hotel, others are dissatisfied with the cleaning and monotonous meal in a luxurious restaurant.However, if your goal is fun, the many nuances of the household can and does close his eyes.

Asdem Park

"rave" hotels in Turkey for the youth are open year round.No heat and beach holidays more than compensates for excellent animation and noisy parties.

Asdem Park, like other hotels in Turkey rave, is close to the best clubs in the eastern Mediterranean.In the opinion of many tourists, evening shows and a small disco - it's a great start to a night of fun in the city.

Among the shortcomings often celebrate a private beach, which is not enough room for everyone.However, there is always the pool animators who are ready at any time to return the good mood the next competition or raffle.

Youth chooses Asdem Park primarily because the category of "3 stars" and democratic prices.Every month on the last Saturday all the guests waiting for the colorful carnival.

In addition, the hotel has a special offer for the lucky ones who are going to celebrate his birthday.Making a single table by the pool, cake and drink to choose from - there is nothing easier than to arrange a surprise for the birthday child.


One of the newest resorts in Belek, began to actively develop a little more than twenty years ago.Pretty soon this picturesque place has gained popularity thanks to the magnificent pine and eucalyptus forests.But the most important advantage is the magnificent sandy beaches that stretch for twenty kilometers of coastline.

Tourists choose Belek for "lazy" holiday, because the attractions in the resort does not.Many experts believe that the best "rave" Turkey hotels are located here.

Royal Adam & amp;Eve

an area of ​​100 thousand square meters in 2006, was built a huge six-storey building and twenty-four small villas.Guests are eight restaurants, including an unusual restaurant where eating blindly.

room interior impresses even the most demanding guests.Jacuzzi and steam room, original lighting system of the room, mirrored walls and, of course, great beds - it is not surprising that the fame of this unusual hotel is booming all over the country and abroad.

This laser shows, concerts of stars, beauty contests and theme parties on the beach and the pier will not get bored.Furthermore, in the territory of Royal Adam & amp;Eve is a small water park and four outdoor pools, one of which is heated.

Guests should definitely look into the spa, a traditional hammam and a relaxing massage.

Although children's club, family rooms and babysitting services to imagine a vacation with children is quite difficult.Like the other "rave" hotels in Turkey, Adam & amp;Eve is aimed at affluent young people.Unusual design with juicy details and the atmosphere of the festival will leave only the best impression.


Calling youth resort of Marmaris only impossible for many reasons.Couples with children and elderly travelers appreciate the mild climate - even in the hot summer months there is no sweltering heat.In addition, the sea in a cozy bay is always calm.Surely you can find here also rave hotels in Turkey?

Marmaris is considered the "dance" resort in the country, and even called the "Turkish Ibiza" because of the huge amount of disco bars.Experienced "party-goers" are advised not to book the luxury five-star hotels, because the fun in the city can not be compared even with the most talented animation.

resort popular with tourists from England, Germany and Holland, and the prices in the best clubs are also on the "European" level.Admission is free, and the owners earn on the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Star Hotels such as the Club Hotel Diana or Sun Maris Beach Hotel, perfect for youth recreation.In walking distance of the famous "bar" street.Beach at the hotel's own economy, as a rule, are located quite a distance, but the municipal beach and the pool is always available to guests.


Speaking about the Turkish Riviera, it is impossible not to mention Alanya.

spite of the sandy beaches, the resort is quite far from the airport and is considered the budget, so each year the local population increases by about half because of the influx of young people.

In the opinion of travelers rave best hotels in Turkey are found in Alanya.Maritim Hotel Club offers a huge range of sports activities: windsurfing, mini golf, archery and tennis.Club Insula is famous among tourists partying bright rooftop Latin Night and professional animators.