┬źnegatives."This word is often found in the lexicon of magicians, it is used among the inhabitants.But only a few can competently explain what it means.Try to understand ...

Negatives strictly divided into categories.

induced NEGATIVES - those that induced people.This category includes two sections: the negatives, the induced inadvertently (domestic evil eye and unconscious energy vampirism) and the induced deliberately negatives (black evil eye, an induced damage, spell, conscious energy vampirism and the induced family curse).The negatives of this group are the object of study occultists.Other negatives are simply ignored.And in vain.

karmic negatives.Their man earns his own.There is a karmic law, according to which not only our specific actions, but even the thought that we producing in space tend to come back to us.This category of negatives is simple karmic negatives and karmic blocks (karmic ancestral curses).

NEGATIVES ENVIRONMENT.These include natural negatives and negatives arising from human activity.

Let's see what is the different of these types of negatives.Unintentionally the induced negatives - those people unwittingly suggests not trying to cause someone harm.Immediately necessary to stipulate the following: bridging the negatives (and have someone care for their removal) can only be energetically strong person.Energetically less powerful will never be able to break a man with a strong energy.There is a concept - "absolute power" or, as it is figuratively called "power of witches."It is characterized by the absolute of all the chakras.Any true magician, wizard or witch have the energy.But it also have other people, nothing to do magic without: they are called charismatic leaders.This power is given by nature, but it can be and to develop and raise the specialists possessing certain methods.By the way, people who are overweight may not have the absolute power to determine.Can you imagine the thick yoga?Such does not happen.But yoga - is the quintessence of white magic.By the way, contrary to popular belief, white magic is not meant to help others, it is only for self-improvement and never professional.It is a way of life.Even energy healing already refers to the gray magic.If you, for example, want to dumbfound familiar yoga - refer him to someone you bewitch ...

But back to inadvertently induced negatives.Household evil eye is characterized by the fact that a person is under stress, intuitively wants to get rid of him.On a subconscious level, it unerringly finds energetically weak man: a glimpse into the pupil - and negative reset.Because we are living in a world of permanent stress, each of us is exposed to domestic evil eye several times a day.And here primarily affects people with low energy.

When vampirism unconscious person who is on a starvation ration energy, without malice fueled by the energy of the other.Such people unconsciously provoke conflicts, bringing the "donors" to "white heat", to stress.In this state, rob man in terms of energy is much easier.In contrast to the extremely rare vampirism conscious, unconscious - is extremely widespread.

Black whammy always induced deliberately.Suggestive it never resorts to magical rites and rituals.Enough for a few seconds, "not good" to look into the pupils (in the case of direct contact) or visualize (imagine), as a man desperately looking for way out of any situation and can not find it (in the non-contact method).

Hovering damage, depending on its type (for good luck, the relations to housing, to the disease, to death) are always different in type and complexity of rites and rituals (ritual magic).

Privorot also belong to the category of induced negatives.Despite their diversity, all of them, without exception, are characterized by the same: it is unauthorized, that is,carried out without the knowledge of human intrusion into its power.By force we make the subject do what in a normal state, it does not.In principle, no matter who thus bewitch - whether lawful husband, from whom have children, or "alien uncle", destroying his family.Although such nuances are professionals in their work into account.

As I said, conscious energy vampirism is extremely rare.For the unauthorized extraction of energy from a donor vampire must be able to use a fairly sophisticated techniques.There are contact and contactless methods of conscious vampirism.

induced ancestral curse (more gentle option - the "crown of celibacy"), in contrast to the karmic - always the handiwork of man.Very strong curse made on his deathbed.In the last minutes of life, even a person with a weak energy can concentrate a powerful beam of negative energy affects not only the offender, but also his distant descendants (until the seventeenth knee).Parental curse children are rare, but are strong.Very powerful curses, powerful wizards, sorcerers, witches.But ancestral curses operate only if they are motivated (justified).

All the induced deliberately negatives are only aspects of black magic.Induced people - people they can be removed.Personality with a strong power, and people under professional mirrored - almost invulnerable to all the induced negatives.

simple karmic negatives in excess accumulated by many people over a lifetime.Our irresponsible actions, negative thoughts, the flow of which we have no control over, burdened karma.Karmic negatives can be transmitted to subsequent generations.Some people are born with a positive karmic stockpiled ancestors, and others - with a heavy burden, he left a legacy.For tyrants, murderers, rapists pay their descendants.Karmic ancestral curse (karmic blocks), with whom they live, no magic rituals and rites are not removed.The only thing that can reduce the severity of karmic block or even destroy it - is the way of life of the person.A powerful tool for removing karmic negatives is starvation (not the post, not diet), especially long - up to 30-40 days.But for such a starvation need to prepare very carefully.And out of it you need to follow a strict scheme, otherwise you may cause irreparable damage to itself.

Negatives environment.Plots located near fractures and cracks of the crust, mass grave sites, burial grounds, always emit negative energy.They are sources of natural negatives.Sources negatives arising from human activities are the radar, transmitting antennas, high-voltage transmission lines, etc.It is difficult to imagine the life of the modern person without household appliances (TVs, computers, cell phones, satellite dishes).Therefore, in the metropolitan areas of negative energy levels hundreds of times higher than in rural areas.Protect yourself from the negative environment is very difficult.The leading role is played by prevention.Before you begin construction, you need to scrupulously examine the area.Even in ancient times, before laying the city, to build housing, the community appealed to the sorcerers and shamans.Now everything is different.In the foreground considerations of economic expediency, and as a result we have what we have: hard negative radiation destroys the aura, begin health problems, blocked energy channels of luck.Mirror protection in this case ineffective.It is important to recognize the power disturbances and restore human energy.

In all cases it is necessary to conduct a competent diagnosis, determine the kind of negativity and its source.This will be the key to effective aid in the future.

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