Modern enterprise product policy

No modern production in a market economy can not exist without a carefully considered marketing strategy.Part of this strategy is the product policy of the enterprise as a leading member of determining the effectiveness of the production cycle.Only well-designed and enforcement of trade policy of the enterprise may give an idea of ​​the owner of the final financial results of all activities of production after the success of the final product, namely goods.

formation of commodity strategy of the company should be focused on the real needs and wishes of consumers.It must ultimately be targeted and product policy of the company, which is held under the supervision of a reliable and skilled team of marketers.

Trading enterprise policy must begin with the study and analysis of the market similar products and services.This is a very important stage in the marketing activities of any company.Depending on the volume of the market and sales policy research can be done on their own, but can invite outside experts, who as soon as possible is guaranteed to hold all marketing research and will be given not only to its conclusions and recommendations for further effective and marketable enterprise policy.

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The next step will be to define the objectives of industrial policy of the company, taking into account all modern resource base.Marketing service companies must be carried out timely payments rates of updating the product range, with the possible formation of a new product line.This is a complex process of innovation sphere of production can be invested using their own or borrowed funds.Management of the company justify the rationality of the use of such funds.Further trade policy of the company will show how true were the actions of all services of the company, identify its weaknesses and show all the vital functions of the production cycle.

Choice concept of commercial policy of the company consists of several basic steps:

  1. assortment enterprise concept.Its aim is orientation of the enterprise to produce the goods that will best meet the diversity and structure of specific consumer demand.

To fulfill assortment concepts define the current needs of consumers and analyzed in the same product markets.Also analyze the possibility of production and make the final presentation of the assortment of enterprise.

  1. Development of the concept of a new product of the enterprise, which is the description of all the indicators of the goods, as well as a set of possible benefits that it can give the end user.Mandatory component of technical and economic characteristics of the new product.Marketing services need at this stage to determine the nature and extent of possible competition goods, as well as to consider the positioning of a new product and determine its place among other similar products.
  2. is commodity plan with a list of goods that the manufacturer must make a plan for a specified period of time.Determined by the amount of output in value and volume terms, the size of shipments, the optimal production schedule, specifying start and end dates of work.
  3. make plans all the necessary measures to achieve the objectives, which describes the marketing policy of the enterprise.The plan further defines the ultimate goals of all marketing activities, are appointed by the supervisory and executive officers, shall include all cost items and the optimal amount of the required funding.

In the future, the company has a team of managers must make the budget policy of commodity companies, to monitor the implementation of all activities and take into account all possible risks in the process of commodity policy.