How to choose a floor covering?

Today the market offers different types of flooring for the apartments.It should be noted that this segment is constantly expanding.In place of the old floor coverings come today to the apartment.Each material has certain properties.Then learn more, there are now some popular flooring for houses and apartments, their types, advantages.


Today the market offers the following types of floor coverings for the apartment:

  • piece goods.These include board, tile, flooring, granite, marble and other boards, laminate.
  • seamless monolithic materials.These include self-leveling, polymeric flooring.
  • rolls or sheet materials.This category includes linoleum, hardboard, carpet.

There are certain differences between different floor coverings.We next consider some types more.


Many consumers believe that this is the best floor covering for apartments.I must say that this material began to use back in the 17th century.But since that time it has changed the technology of production and, consequently, its appearance and quality.Today, it is the floor covering for apartments and houses is presented in three versions: custom-made elements, parquet and solid wood.The main advantages of the material should be primarily attributed durability and environmental friendliness.Working in a parquet layer has a thickness of several millimeters.This allows you to repeatedly perform scraping and update the surface.Due to the diversity of colors, sizes, elements and methods of installation, you can create different compositions according to the style of the room.Among the shortcomings of the material users say its high cost.In addition, the flooring is not used as a topcoat when installing the system "warm floor".


These floor coverings for the apartments used in rooms with high humidity and permeability.The tiles are laid in bathrooms and hallways, in the kitchen.The material is presented on the market in a huge range.Ceramic tile is available with different patterns, colors.The material is popular due to its performance properties.Among the key should be called resistance to temperature changes, the influence of aggressive chemicals, abrasion resistance.However, ceramics is afraid of mechanical damage - it is fragile, and in the fall of heavy objects may crack.This type of flooring for the apartments are not used in children's rooms and bedrooms.However, in other areas, this material will be optimal.Often under the tile is laid the system "warm floor".

Laminate flooring for modern apartments often mimic a variety of materials.One such laminate.It is often called "simulator floorboard."Laminate flooring - is artificial flooring, which is made from pressed plate HDF.Applied to its surface resin decorative layer and protective film.As a result of the elements attached to one or another form.The film provides protection against abrasion pattern.The material can imitate any wood, marble and so on.Rating laminate is caused, however, is not only its high decorative properties.Among other advantages worth noting easy care, easy installation.Laying laminate can be completely carried out by hand.Duration of operation such a coating of 10-15 years.As practice shows, particularly the drawbacks of the material there.However, non-compliance with installation technology, choosing the wrong class laminate coating may quickly come into disrepair, deformed due to moisture or high loads.Because of incorrect installation or lack of support can occur a lot of noise while walking.

Massive board

floor covering for apartments attracted surface, pleasant to the touch, as well as noble texture.As for the quality, the material is not inferior to the parquet.In its operational quality solid wood competes with laminate.The most common material used in the classical interiors, which focuses on natural grass.The advantages of solid wood, among other things, include high resistance to deformation.However, the coating has its advantages and disadvantages.Massive board afraid of water and requires special care.Regularly material must be treated with protective compounds.

Stone flooring for apartments

Among these materials, particularly noteworthy natural stone, marble, granite.This coating is not as popular in the domestic market as described above.This is due primarily to the high cost.In addition, a floor turns cold enough, and many seek, on the contrary, to warm the ground.But this problem is easily solved.Under such coverage is set system "warm floor".The most common stone materials used in bathrooms, hallways, kitchen.In these areas high demands on durability to the flooring.Stone materials are durable, wear-resistant, not afraid of moisture and mechanical stress, is not afraid of them, and temperature extremes.


This material is universal.It is quite popular among consumers.It is used for packing in a variety of environments.Linoleum on the market is presented in a wide range.The material may have a different color, pattern, thickness.Due to external qualities it can be used in almost any interior.The surface material can simulate the parquet, marble, wood, ceramic tiles.The undoubted merits it is the simplicity of installation and ease of care.Laying the material itself does not take long and does not require special skills.To maintain the purity of the coating is cleaned regularly.Another advantage of linoleum is its reasonable price.Among the disadvantages of the material should be noted instability to direct sunlight - the surface fades with time.At low temperatures, linoleum can crack.


This material is considered to be one of the modern and trendy.On the market today is represented by the variety of textures and colors.As carpet is very convenient to walk.It creates a cozy room even in winter.The undoubted advantage of the material is its high capacity zvukizolyatsionnaya.In the fall of heavy objects on the floor the noise is not created.However, there is carpet and disadvantages.Among the main it is worth noting the need for special care.Carpets should be cleaned regularly using special equipment.Long service life is ensured by proper care of the material.In the manufacture of coatings used both natural and artificial materials.This should be considered when choosing, because synthetic materials can not be used in all areas.

Poured floors

This cover appeared on the market recently, but has already gained popularity among consumers.Materials are environmentally benign polymers shown in finished form as a semisolid mixture.Such a coating is poured onto the substrate and aligned.The result is a seamless surface.After hardening, the floor becomes perfectly smooth and even.The color range is very diverse materials.Qualitative self-leveling floors are durable and high strength.They are resistant to chemicals, mechanical stress, moisture and temperature extremes.The disadvantages of coverage should include the need for careful preparation of the base.