Error 691, and others.

Many users are faced with mistakes sometimes when you connect to the Internet.This can be caused by problems on a particular computer or fault on the side of the provider.Error Number allows you to find the cause and find a solution without the help of experts of the operator.

most common mistakes

There may be quite a lot.Most of them are related to incorrect settings of the user.The most common callers providers face the following errors: 691, 678, 619, 769, 800. Each of them has different reasons.However, many can be eliminated with their hands, without recourse to the provider.

Important! If you own the problem persists, then you need to call technical support.

Error 691

Perhaps the most common mistake internet connection - 691, which indicates that the user name or password is incorrect.She appears on the stage of verification of registration data.Simply put, the error means that the server provider is not able to correctly identify the user or the forbidden access to the network.

Causes Error 691 and remedies

In fact, the error 691 when connected can occur because of a sufficiently large number of reasons.Among them:

  • incorrect Enter your user name or password;
  • a negative balance;
  • username is already logged into the server.

Very often, when you create a new connection from the user error 691 due to improper input login and password.To avoid this problem, we recommend that you collect registration data in Notepad and copy them to the login screen.

negative balance in a number of telecom operators also leads to what appears on the screen by mistake 691. To solve the problem in this case, you can simply check and replenish the account, if necessary.Many ISPs permit to enter the private office and without authorization on the server, and some will have to call technical support.

When you try to enable Internet Error 691 is issued to the user is also provided that the past session is not closed.This happens infrequently incorrect when disconnected from the Internet.Suffice it to wait 5-10 minutes and connect again.If the connection is what happens, you should call technical support operators.

Important! Windows 7 connection error 691 is not always displayed.Very often, instead error code 692. Therefore, if an error message appears during the test user name and password, you should also follow the steps described above.

Error 678/651/815

Error 691, as mentioned earlier, is not the only one that appears when users attempt to connect to the Internet.Another common problem is the lack of response from the server.The different versions of the operating system error code may vary.In Windows XP, it will be 678 In Vista - 815 and Windows 7 users will see a message with the error number 651.

cause of the error and its elimination 678/651/815

Error 678/651/815 has a huge number of possible causes.Among them:

  • impulse cable;
  • problems at the provider;
  • errors in the firewall or anti-virus;
  • incorrect setting of the subscriber unit.

If the error 691 in most cases can be resolved on their own, when the message with the code 678/651/815 user can only disable antivirus software and firewalls, as well as check the cable inside the apartment and the subscriber device (router, optical terminal or modem)if available.

Important! Carefully check whether you have connected to the computer network cable.This simple thing is the most common cause of error 678/651/815.

Error 619

Connectivity technology subscribers from different providers is somewhat different.Depend on the causes of error 619.

users connecting via PPPoE, can usually detect it due to lack of funds on the balance sheet or the wrong user name and password.This type of connection is characterized by the following operators: "Rostelecom", "" and several others.

subscribers using mobile connection ineternet via 3G / 4G, provided by mobile operators, see a message with the code 619 may be due to problems with the USB-modem or a port on your computer.In this case, it may be advisable to connect the device to a different port and reinstall the drivers.Customers

some networks connected to the Internet through the VPN.In this case, the error 619 reports of incorrect security settings.In the Internet Connection Properties tab, "Security" should be set "When testing is used" to "a secure password".This type of connection is used, for example, home Internet subscribers of "Beeline".

Error 769/800

Windows XP users in case of problems with the driver or LAN connection to the network card will receive a message with the code 769, and those who have installed Vista - 800.
First of all, check that the connection is onLAN active.This can be done in the "Start" menu in the "My Network Places", then selecting "View network connections" and addressed to "the network control center".If the icon is gray local connection, it must be enabled using the context menu.

If the LAN connection is missing, the problem is the drivers.They must be reinstalled from the supplied CD or download from the manufacturer's Web site.

Other errors when connecting to the Internet, users can receive messages and other types of errors, but they occur infrequently.Eliminate some of them to the user rather difficult or even impossible without the help of a specialist.

consider other errors often appears when you connect to the Internet and their solutions:

  • Error 734 means that the PPPoE protocol was completed.As a solution, you can try to re-create the connection.
  • Error 735 means that an illegal IP-address to connect.In the setting of the network connection, you must specify that the network address to be obtained automatically, or enter the correct parameters of the contract with the provider.

In any case, if you fix the problem yourself you can not, you need to call technical support.The company's specialists will tell the possible causes of errors and how to resolve them.And if necessary, issue a request to leave the installer.