How to drink liquor?

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Liqueur - a unique drink, featuring a sweet taste and pleasant aroma.For its production are used fruit or berry juices, herbs, sugar and ethanol in varying proportions.These aesthetes and connoisseurs of good taste are often interested in how to drink liquor.If such a question is relevant to you, then the information below will certainly be useful.

There are several ways to use liquor.Here are some of them:

  • in cocktails;
  • with water;
  • ice;
  • in combination with other alcoholic drinks (vodka, gin or whiskey);
  • with milk, cream, ice cream;
  • with chocolate;
  • with citrus or citrus juice;
  • , be used in pure form.

How to drink liquor

is important not only to know how to drink liquor, but when it is done.Thus, in the nineteenth century was a sweet alcoholic drink should be served for dinner, as an aperitif or during a meal.Nowadays this tradition somewhat altered: the liquor was made to use after lunch or dinner, along with a strong coffee or hot tea.

for supplying the beverage, according to the rules of etiquette, it is recommended to use a special glass.In form, it resembles kremanku at high stalk, its amount can range from 30 to 60 ml.It is believed that such a strong drink should not drink in one gulp;in order to fully enjoy its rich flavor, it should be consumed in small sips.

answer to the question "how to drink liquor in cocktails," does not exist.On the basis of tart made famous alcohol drinks such as "Crimson Skies", "Claridge", "Delicate Nut", "Pansy" and many others.


are very popular in our country enjoys sambuca.This liqueur hails from Italy gained a truly great popularity not only among party-goers and clubbers, but also have a very wide range of audience.At the heart of sambuca is a simple infusion of anise, which is considered to be consumed for the most part for medical purposes.It was believed that with the help of it you can improve the digestive process and increase appetite.Useful properties of tinctures and has trendy liqueur.In addition, sambuca can be used for colds (as a means of improving the strength of the immune system) and for the fight against cough.

fortress of a drink is about 40 degrees.It consists of wheat alcohol, anise, sugar, and other herbs.Taste liquor pretty sweet, but not cloying sensation.The smell of sambuca flavor reminiscent of citrus fruit and the color of it is completely transparent, while there are also modern color variations.

How to drink sambuca liqueur?Several options.The classic solution involves the following steps: in a pile poured allotted amount of liquor, add a few grains of coffee, and then set fire to drink.After 30 seconds, sambuca is poured into a glass, covering it with a napkin or a saucer for a better preservation of flavor.Liquor drink in one gulp, not relishing, and then eat the rest and grain.Sambuca, it is used alone or with chunks of ice.


no less popular today and Cointreau liqueur.A distinctive feature of the French alcohol is a delicious taste - at first bitter and sweet at the same time, then surprisingly strong.If you do not know how to drink liquor Cointreau, do not worry.Our article is precisely designed to fill these gaps in knowledge.So ... It is not recommended to consume this drink in the pure form, but more so a snack of fruit or candy.Such action will prevent you to fully experience its unusual taste.It is believed that the best it can be estimated only in the alcoholic cocktail.There are about 200 drinks, which formed the basis of liqueur Cointreau, the most famous of these are the "Joker" and "White Lady".

liquor "Amaretto┬╗

Women often prefer liquor "Amaretto".At the heart of his sweet, even delicate taste is almonds.The first drink appeared in sunny Italy, and today it is available not only in the many bars, but also at home.There are many ways how to drink liquor "Amaretto", and each of them is true.So, permitted:

  • drink "Amaretto" in its purest form;
  • add liquor to salads, coffee, desserts;
  • drink with ice.

combination of liquors and snacks

How to drink liquor, today, unfortunately, do not know everything.It is possible that the culprit - a great variety of different ways to use this unique beverage.Often, the type of alcohol depends on the method feeder.For example, "Becherovka" served chilled and sambuca necessarily ignited before use.As a rule, liqueurs pending a snack, but if you wish you can eat them with dessert or fruit.A classic combination is:

  • herbal drinks and citrus fruits;
  • liqueurs based on fruit or fruit with similar products;
  • chocolate and coffee drink with pastries and sweet desserts.