Account What's this?

I think that almost every member of the world wide web at least once, but faced with a term such as account.Account What is this?With the help of digital information is available about a specific user specific Internet resources.This information is saved in the cookie (identification special teams) and in the database server on your computer.The user himself can generate the digital information during the registration process on the resource.As a rule, in answering the question that this account, it should first of all state that it stores information about your account password to access the page and the network user name, and, of course, the personal data themselves.

Today life without an account, it would be like to work without rest.When answering the question of "account that it" can say with certainty that this is the opportunity to pleasantly pass the time without leaving their favorite places.At the same time you need to have a computer and Internet access.You will go to a dating site, classma

tes, vkontakte or select a portal for the soul, you are immediately faced with the need to create an account.This kind of access to any information on your favorite or desired site.

login gives you access to its information and information available on the site.You ask, what is, is now in demand accounts?First of all, vkontakte, classmates and acquaintances.In order to find their relatives and friends should make an account on sites such as classmates or VKontakte.The process will take you no more than 3 minutes.All you have to do is go directly to the site, for example, classmates.Further to the left you will see the words "registration".Just click on it to create your account.Next, you need to do - is to follow the instructions, which is written on the page itself.The answer to the questions will not take a minute.The main advantage of sites where you can create an account - it is instantaneous clearance.Do not worry, you can give information about themselves any what you want.No it will not check.The only requirement - a true indication of your email address.Thus, you will always be aware of everything that happens on your page, for example, who viewed your profile, who left the message.You can not always go to your account.Now there is an additional feature on almost all accounts "to specify the mobile phone number."In this way, you can anywhere be aware of all the circumstances relating to your account.Now I think you have had an idea that this account.

There are two types of pages: paid and free.A free account allows you to carry out the registration bezoplatnoy through its pages.You can create and use for free.Paid account - is the ability to create, but for the money.For example, the popular pay page (registration) on some dating sites.For example, site owners offset their costs of all kinds and allow you to use your account in the distance free.As you can see, first you pay for your page, and then you can use it and the money you will not need to pay.It's kind of one-time purchase.

In answering the question of "account that it" should be noted that the duration of the account depends on your visit.If you do not go more than a year on it, administrators have a right to remove it.So even if you do not have time, but you do not want to lose their page at least once a month, but look at her.In general, its own page - this is an indispensable tool in the Internet, which you can always rely on and which can always be accessed.