Removing the lens right?

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A wide variety of species known brand manufacturers with a worldwide reputation, a wide offer of care products - all this makes life easier for people with low vision, contact lens wearers.However, on the other hand, it requires the observance of certain rules and wearing lenses.In particular, it is necessary to know how to remove the lens so as not to hurt the eyes and do not damage the lens.

insert contact lenses should be once completed the process of applying makeup.To remove the lens you need in the first place.Before you remove the lens, I need a little training.To begin wash your hands well, the main thing in this case - the purity and sterility.Be prepared to provide the vessel with a solution for the storage of contact lenses, on the smooth surface of the table lay a clean cloth or a soft towel (better color, the lens was not lost on a white background).

The instructions for use of the manufacturer always writes about how to properly remove the lens, and better comply with these rules.Remove the lens in two ways, not too different from each other.In fact, and in another case the lens in some way "squeezed out".We start with the first method.Make all the necessary arrangements, wash your hands.Before you remove the lens, remove the hair from her face.Leaning over the cloth, look up two fingers and gently pull down the lower eyelid.Carefully the thumb of the other hand, touch the lens, it will "stick" to the pad.Place the lens on postelennuyu napkin and remove the same way a second contact lens.

There is a second way to remove the lens.The preparations are the same.Two fingers of one hand put in the middle of the upper and lower eyelids.Gently taking his finger at his temple, gently press down on the eyelids.Press gently on both sides, "squeeze" lens on a napkin.Gently wipe the lens specially prepared cloth and place in a flask with the solution.

few mandatory rules

As already mentioned, most importantly the handling of contact lenses - sterility.But it matters and texture of the material napkins or towels, which you wipe your hands.Fabric should be soft and lint-free.Villi after wiping will have you on your toes and can get on the lens.In specialty stores selling optics are special wipes, do not take them for money.They can be used before removing the lens, and after removal of the rub contact lenses.

In no case do not wash off makeup before removing the lens.Despite the fact that modern makeup remover is very gentle and delicate, they can adversely affect the lens.Yes, and swabs to remove makeup can cause invisible scratches on the surface.Be sure to observe the terms of wearing contact lenses.If the manufacturer specifies the use of the term of 2-3 months following it.Modern contact lenses can be worn around the clock though, but it would be better to take them to sleep - it will give your eyes rest.

Knowing how to remove the lens correctly and following the advice of ophthalmologists in the use of color and corrective lenses, it is difficult to hurt his own vision.Summarizing all the above, we note the main thing.After washing your hands, wipe dry with a cloth or a special soft lint-free towel.Do not remove makeup and wash your head without removing contact lenses before that.Be sure to wipe the lens after removing the flask and place in a special solution.

After removal of contact lenses do simple exercises to relieve eye fatigue.After closing the eyelids, "look" turns up, down, left, right.You can run several times.Follow these simple tips and your lenses are in good condition all the warranty period, serving in vblago, not to harm.