What to do in a train during a long trip tips

Things to do on the train?Everyone at least once in his life faced with a long road.During the ride on the train you for a while, sometimes for very long, it remains locked in the frame of the passenger seat.What to do?What to do in the train 3 days?

Things that will help pass the time in a way

Neskuchniy make way, to do something useful, or better yet exciting.Now consider a similar class:
• Reading.This activity is the most useful and easy way to pass the time.In addition, reading allows you to fill up the knowledge and enjoy the skill of the writer.As the train goes quite calm, in contrast to cars and buses, then it can just read.If you do not want to strain your eyes on the road, that is a great alternative - it is an audiobook.Fortunately, now there are so many.Audiobooks can listen to on your phone, tablet, and the mp3-player.
• Drawing.This is also a great activity to pass the time of the trip.Even if you can not draw, you still try something interesting to portray.
• Listen to music.During a long road is not a sin to listen to your favorite songs.Sometimes the music allows you to disconnect from the little problems.

• View video.A good way to pass the time - view movies, TV series.Only pre-record the video in the tablet.
• Review photos.After the tour you are likely to have gathered a large number of photographs.When you arrive home, it is unlikely you will soon reach the hands in order to analyze them.So, coming back on the train home, you can just do it.During the trip, you can leave the good stuff, and those that are fuzzy or not received, delete.The same can be done with video from the trip.However, such a thing will take twice as long.So grab a long-lived with a laptop or an extra battery.
• Write.If you are a blogger, it's time to write a new post.You can make it as a tablet, and a pad (after already on the laptop will type).If you're not a blogger, you just write for yourself all that you would expect from this trip.If you're already back, describe their impressions of the trip.
• leisurely meal.Enjoy lunch during the trip.Of course, this activity takes a little time, but still it will pass to good use.

Son, planning and familiarity

And what to do on the train?For example, it is possible to meet people who come near you.Ask them where they were going, for how long.It is possible that your companion will be a man who has the same interests as you.For example, you love to knit, to sit next to a woman who loves too similar activity.Believe me, you will have something to talk about.
What to do on the train?You can pospast.This is a good lesson that will help to "kill" time.

Even during a trip to do planning their affairs, the future.You can also dream.Sometimes such activity captures even adults.

Crosswords, language

What to do on the train?Language learning.This is a very good lesson.You can pre-load up on your smartphone or tablet or video tutorial application for learning languages.On the trip you will be able to repeat traveled and remember new material.
Even during the long road can porazgadyvat crosswords, crossword puzzles.This activity is very popular among those who travel by train.

Games and creativity

If you are traveling with friends, you can play cards or chess.Such fun to help pass the time.

Also on your smartphone, you can pre-load a couple of new toys.During the trip you will be able to pass them.
What else you can do on the road?Be creative.You can embroider a small picture or finish the masterpiece.If you love to knit, then the long road - this is the perfect time for such training.The

entertain kids

What to do with the kids on the train?If you are traveling with your child, you should, of course, in a way, and it is something to do.Let's look at an interesting joint activities for parents and their children.
For example, you can take a trip cartoons.Modern technology allows you to view them on the go.This can be done on a compact DVD-player, tablet or phone (if pre-reset movies on the device).
to the road was fun, it is possible with the child to sing his favorite song.If you do not remember them word for word, then grab the wheels with them.Then you and your baby will be able to sing along.
And what to do with a child on the train?Of course, playing games.There is no need to carry bags with a variety of dolls, bobblehead, bears and designers, but be sure to take your favorite.Maybe the kid along with you will tell your character all the things that he sees outside the window.If you have two or more toys, you can arrange a real theater.
The long road we can take even a small book and coloring.Then the baby will definitely be something to do.He can, if you are already, of course, knows how to read you a story.
Older children can please a variety of puzzles, the benefit of their now very much on the market.

play together with your baby

What to do in a train with a child?You can play.For example, word games, the type of cities.You call the city or fruit (or select a different theme), the last letter of your word kid calls his (it, too, must meet category).
Another game called "Guide".Your child will just be this guide, which will tell you about what's going on outside the window.
Another game - "Find."Lead quality refers to the subject, while others are starting to look for the right thing.For example, you can say, "Red, blue, shiny, cold, etc."Who first found the one and won.


conclusion Now you know what to do on the train, reserved seat you or a coupe, it does not matter.All that we have described to you, you can do in both places.As you can see, there are a lot of interesting ideas.We wish you a successful and Neskuchniy trip.