Angels and demons of the Zodiac

People of modern times - are very vulnerable, they are haunted by constant stress and insecurity.But everyone can gain strength in the face of his guardian angel.It also becomes stronger the man who knows his Demon.

Darkness and Light - a secret vault as our strengths, strong spiritual side, and the vices and weaknesses.Angels and Demons - immortal spirits who are trying to win the soul of man to his side.

People Light - endowed with spiritual powers higher than those who admit to his soul Demons and does things, pleasing to the forces of darkness.Personal Angels and Demons have all the people, and Zodiac Angels - are more powerful, so are the owners of the corresponding zodiacal constellation.


Behind every Aries are demon of hatred and selfishness, and the angel of sincerity and openness.The dark side to provoke rage, intolerance and unwillingness to admit mistakes, ill-considered actions and presumptuous behavior.

intolerance for lies, and the ability to treat people sincerely - is a mani

festation of the Open Angel - Bakar.To the angel Bakariilu can go for help if you need a success and luck.Bakar also protects children Aries.Angel charges Aries vitality, helps to implement any case, making views on the difficulties of life more optimistic.


The Taurus is a struggle between the demons of anger and Avarice and Angel Loyalty and good-natured.For phlegm Taurus often breaks down a storm of emotions.Demon Wrath prevents Taurus to be loyal and true friend, leads to greed and avarice, which stands out from the others.

This leads to materialism and a reluctance to admit a spiritual thought.Guardian Angel Taurus - Amato, asked for protection in any undertakings, as well as the desire for change in life.With it, the heart turns light and hope, reveals the true way.


Twins are between deceit and Demon Angel cheerfully.Twins can become real flatterers, full of lies, deceit and hypocrisy.All this is hidden under a veil of light fun and lightness, ability to communicate, establish relations.Angel Cheerful protects against severe life turns saves from pessimism and depression.Zodiacal Guardian Angel Twins - Bahram help overcome difficulties and fulfill its obligations.

CANCER Cancer is the object of attention of the Demon of Lies and is under the patronage of Angela feelings and sympathy.Cancer usually feels the approach of his demon, whom he despises.But often can not cope with it and abusing his power with a view to their own benefit.

For example, cancer is often exhausting his close friends, relatives and loved ones in tears and reproaches that it is not enough love, inspiring others guilt.At the same time the Angel of Compassion Cancer ties with others, gives the ability to the mercy and compassion.

In Cancer - exceptional gift to feel and to stand on the side of the weak.Zodiacal Guardian Angel - Dean Cancer helps gain new knowledge and to realize that wisdom comes when you begin to ask, but not when to stop looking for answers to questions.

LEO Leo is very difficult to cope with his demon of vanity.He needs to hear the voice of his Angel of the heart.Only then out of the arrogant boastful arrogant man Leo turns into a generous and warm-hearted person.Leo, caressed his Guardian Angel, as if radiates warm light, and his eyes - radiant and shiny.This zodiacal influence of Leo Angel - Aquaria.Aquaria Lions teaches the path of self-improvement in the spiritual sense, it helps us understand the world around us.


Virgos most annoying demon of discontent and envy.Envy poisons the soul, and dissatisfaction with life awakens distrust of others, postpones the Virgin of friends and loved ones.This daemon may lead to a state of indifference Virgin and then to the disease.

But the angel of perseverance and Defense is trying to turn the Virgin in a caring and strong spirit of a man who becomes like a rock, and which cling around in search of wise advice and a sense of reliability.To comprehend its mission to help the Zodiac Virgo Guardian Angel - cadmium.He will guide in the right direction and reward intuition.


On his right shoulder is representative of the sign Libra Angel and balanced measures, and on the left - the capricious demon spirits.Demon sows doubt in cases where the feelings in love, partners, friends.This spirit sentiment offend Libra play with people on their feelings and weaknesses, nice to keep them at a distance, to be prudent and selfish.

It is also very flirtatious demon always encourage women to seduce and deceive men.Angel measures can make Libra beautiful soul and body.It provides peace of mind and confidence.For gaining inner strength and compassion Libra should be addressed to the zodiacal Guardian Angel Barchiilu.In this case, there is hope to improve their lives in the most difficult situations.

SCORPIO Scorpio - the object of revenge and confrontation Demon Angel of Truth.When the daemon wakes Zodiac Scorpio, it hurts a suspicion that its all cheat.This causes a blind rage, inveterate anger at those who have not met the expectations.

Scorpio decides to take revenge, or suffers from a pathological jealousy, especially to his beloved.This leads to self-destruction, while the Scorpio will not hear the soft, warning voice of an angel.To the angel Gabriel, one of the most powerful angels of light, to seek help in the implementation of radical changes in life Scorpio.This Angel creates the best conditions for the realization of ideas.

SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius manages haughtily Demon and the Angel of Justice.Demon is the arrogance and haughtiness arrogance Sagittarius opposition criticism and a sense of exclusivity, which is moving away from the people.At heart, Sagittarius is a fighter for justice, aspires to something higher, but there is a danger to reach fanaticism.In zodiacal Guardian Angel Archer - Adnachiila, many opportunities.It will help to achieve independence and freedom.Thrust people using it will be successful in business and career growth.

CAPRICORN Capricorn is under the patronage of Angela Strength and stamina, but a tempting prey Demon Coldness and indifference.Cold Demon awakes when Capricorn disappointed or if it was used, betrayed, pushed.The evil spirit causes people to ignore the request, and think only of themselves, because of what the soul is like a stale and dark.Angel Strength - is the inner voice of Capricorn, which on the contrary, makes it a reliable, loyal and caring.For technical support and patronage in the new, unusual endeavors should be made to Capricorn zodiacal Guardian Angel - Kambiilu.

AQUARIUS Aquarius - the object of the struggle between the angel and demon Exclusion Friendship.They are combined in the soul of Aquarius, on the one hand there is the sympathy and warmth in a relationship with another - disregard for others, yourself and re-evaluation of their own capabilities.Demon Rift tries to push away from the Aquarius people who wish him well and loved.

Aquarius should cherish friendship and love, otherwise it runs the risk of being left alone.Aquarius, like anyone else, need to communicate with nature, in order to replenish their energy reserves and rejuvenate.To merge with nature and the universe will Zodiacal Angel Catete.


Fish can be favored by the angel of love and ruined Demon vices.Fish - a very controversial person.It weaves intrigue, evil and cruel wrongs inflicted responds to, then dives into the lake, and even a variety of enticements depravity, seeking sources of dubious pleasure in the form of alcohol or drugs.

This Pisces is very close to the Angel of Love and boundless compassion - a new time Angel, whose voice is heard, and which is lacking in modern man.External charm, attractiveness and charm, success in love affairs and career comes through zodiacal Egalmiila Angel, but this Angel Pisces is able to give a lot more, and the earth, and spiritual benefits.

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