Land in the Ryazan region on the Oka River - money well spent

Nowadays the main problem of Moscow and the region as a whole is considered overcrowding, poor environment and an overloaded transport network chase its inhabitants away from the bustle of the nature.And if before the ideal is a gated development in the Moscow suburbs, in our time, this region is also crowded, which negatively affects the environment.Standing for hours in traffic jams on the highway near Moscow, too, a significant drawback.Will be an excellent alternative to land for cottage construction, located within walking distance from the Moscow region.

most attractive in comparison with other similar sites on the proposals look Oka in the Ryazan region.The main argument for having to buy land in the Ryazan region, is magnificent nature and, above all, wide navigable river.Oka offers great opportunities for water recreation, and for excellent fishing.Besides Ryazan region located just south, so that the climate is more favorable and moderate.

Currently available a wide choice of different proposals, one of the most profitable and attractive residential village considered Temin Farm, where you can buy a great area on the Oka River.Suggest similar land in the Ryazan region in power, not many market participants.The ratio of quality and price of these areas is impressive.Located in the village of Kasimov district, near the village of Kvasevo directly on the high bank of the Oka River.On the side is an extraordinary sight - there is a feeling that the village is hovering in the air above the water.

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modern paved road that leads to the village, provides the convenience and comfort of movement.All plots of land held from the gas, there is a central water supply system, the purchase of land granted 10kW of electricity.The settlement is guarded around the clock, there is a high stone wall, there is a surveillance camera.

This is an excellent place for mushroom pickers.Mushrooms and berries are very much crowded baskets are guaranteed even the most lazy mushroom.And in addition to all the above advantages are good and respectable neighbors, then only 38 plots, which makes it possible to avoid excessive crowding and crowding.Nearby is the district center Kasimov, a small provincial town in which it has a lot of monuments.Kasimov is known for its museums - "Russian Samovar", folk crafts and trades, Ethnography Kasimov Tatars, local history and brothers Utkin.

Get on your site in the Oka in the Ryazan region is quite simple - the comfortable intercity bus or your car.Time on the road is 6 hours, but it does not seem so long compared with the annoying traffic jams in and around Moscow.But as a reward you will get a wonderful nature, forest, river and comfortable stay.