Conveyor rollers.

Roller - this is an important detail for any belt.Its reliability and quality largely determine how well the machine itself will work, whether it is able to perform its functions.Conveyor roller may serve two to 15 years depending on the conditions under which it operates.It is necessary to comply with certain requirements to design really served its purpose and could last for as long as possible.

what to look for in the first place?

Typically, technical and procurement policy are the main factors, which are sold on the basis of one or the other type of equipment.The same can be said of the rollers for the conveyor.In some cases, prefer cheaper models and options, not paying attention to issues related to quality.For other important more intelligent and far-sighted approach, while already looking how to relate to each other performance indicators, pay attention to future conditions.The following information will be provided, which will certainly be useful especially for such enterprises.

Modern production and its features

Each manufacturer can vary the ratio between the cost and assembly.This is because everyone is trying to cater to the individual requirements of any customer who asks for help.Conveyor rollers for today is available in 160 sizes.Each of them has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.There are also special, shock-absorbing species.It is best to choose a manufacturer that really pays attention to quality, releasing rollers.GOST better yet observe.

about different versions

Now videos can be of modular construction and nesbornoy.But there are not many companies that can produce just two of these options.

Less weight - perhaps the most important characteristic when the roller conveyor is acquired, the disposable type.Such construction, if necessary, can be easily replaced and transported, they have little weigh and are relatively cheap.The product is relatively simple, but there is only one drawback - can be used only once.Incidentally, it may be indispensable, for example, if an enterprise such types of parts used as consumables.Despite the low price, not folding rollers remain sufficiently reliable.

in the production of continuous type they can find good use, when the conditions of repair and service severely hampered, in environments with aggressive action.In such circumstances, the conveyor roller rust faster than is happening bearing wear.

affordable alternative

Collapsible design will be the best option for companies where the repair is no problem.This article may be re-installed on the unit after the made all maintenance work.By welding the pipe over the entire circumference of hub mounted.Because of this connection becomes very reliable and tough.The service life increases, even a few cycles are not a problem for this type of product.

In turn, the collapsible type is divided into heavy and medium series.The design of the bearing unit remains in any case the same type, under this rule is subject to any rollers.Production of each of the groups includes only differences in the type of bearing.The heavy series bearing more powerful, thus increasing reliability, even under difficult operational conditions without any problems.For heavily loaded trunk pipelines that option is simply irreplaceable.

Important quality criteria

Ease of use, durability and reliability - perhaps the main requirements that apply to any high-quality products, including in this direction.Because you should choose for close cooperation only those companies that are able to meet these requirements.In many cities today produce rollers.Kemerovo is no exception.

Additional requirements

In addition, attention should be paid to the fact that he was bearing reliably protected from dirt and dust from the outside, from the inside scale.Closed bearing 80th series is used to solve this problem in a folding design.A rubber seal provides additional protection when issued such conveyor rollers.The price thus remains quite affordable.Cost commercials depends on their size and manufacturer, and begins with about 150 rubles.

If you purchased a variety of folding, the bearing is protected by a special cap on the inside, double labyrinth seal.Simultaneous boring pipes on both sides must perform in order to avoid run-out roller, which renders the mechanism of action.

little bit of wear

Conveyor technology develops and changes to the extent that these same processes occur in the direction of turnover and production.Appears more and more new materials, methods of delivery.

pipeline itself was fairly widespread.At the same time such equipment - one of the most expensive.A transport rollers wear out rather quickly.It is necessary to establish further details of the manufacturing process did not stop.

On the technical characteristics according to GOST

According to the documents, the diameter of the conveyor rollers is between 89 to 159 millimeters.

length can reach two thousand mm.

The shape of the product of this group is most reminiscent of the cylinder.There is a special labyrinth seal in order to not fall into the dust.Regarding all the axes of the customer himself makes a choice, the same can be said about the presence or absence of the liner, install the rubber rings.

rollers mounted in increments of 10-15 meters in the middle of the unit, and where damage may occur as a result of the edges of the tape to the side of her descent.Several design options allow to soften the blows in places download.