What is Win32: basic concepts and simple techniques to eliminate errors that occur

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probably no need to explain that many users are often at the most inopportune moment there is a message on the screen that some executable file is not an application Win32.Let's see what is Win32 and why errors or file system architecture.After considering these two questions, you will find a solution to the problem of non-compliance with the standard application.

What is Win32

If we talk about the concept as a whole, it is usually referred to as architecture "OSes" and applications enabled it to start and run.

From the history of operating systems, it is known that they were first 8- and 16-bit, a little later transformed into a 32-bit, and finally, in 64-bit.Along with the evolution of the principles of themselves "operatsionok" changed and file systems.The most common, until recently, was considered for FAT32.She has won such popularity that developers are still IT-giant Microsoft does not exclude its support in the latest versions of Windows.

way, the notion of what is Win32, is equally applicable to the "Operating System" type of XP and Vista, because even with the file system NTFS, the successor to FAT32, anyway Version own OS in terms of architecturewere 32-bit.

With the advent of Windows 7 has been the transition to 64-bit architecture, but for a custom installation, you can find the 32-bit version of any of the four assemblies, "Seven."Why


Now consider all the troubling question that is "not a Win32-application" (so-and-so, or the installation executable component).Firstly, the very simple reason can be called the file created in, say, Linux or Mac OS X, which, of course, all Windows systems simply can not be recognized due to the fact that the "Operating System", so to speak, does not know thatis this component and how to open it.Very often such a situation can be observed when working with .dmg disk images, or some type of archive data.

On the other hand errors can occur with the "native" applications Windows.Asked about the fact that such an application Win32, it is worth noting that this program or dynamic library driver, originally created with 32-bit architecture.Now, perhaps, it is clear that 64-bit applications or drivers in the 32-bit system will not operate.

Less common error opening executable files or archives.Here the problem may be that the file was not downloaded (copied) in whole or in this case there have been failures.In this case the system just can give a message of non-compliance the size or type of the file that the requirements of the system.

simplest methods of troubleshooting

However, methods to eliminate these problems, there are many.The simplest solution is to download from the Internet specialized file Win32.reg his subsequent start.

What Win32.reg?This registry file, which makes it specific records and keys to simplify the process of opening problematic applications.

Sometimes the situation may be due to a mismatch of file systems.In this case, you will need to format the disk or partition using, e.g., FAT32 (especially when switching from OS 64 bits by 32 bits).

There are situations when you need to update Microsoft .NET Framework, where the settings you need to specify the platform completely support all processors, including x86.In general, the examples can result in quite a lot.

If a virus

The worst case of malfunction of this nature is the impact of viruses and malware that are disguised as system services, responsible for the launch of the call or 32-bit applications such as rundll32, svchost, etc.

Consider one of the most prominent threats.What is Trojan: Win32 (Gatak or even any version)?Yes, the usual computer virus (Trojan), which, using a security breach, trying to access the remote user's computer to steal information or receive over the computer terminal complete control.

There certainly before it is necessary to have high-quality full-time anti-virus or as powerful as a means of checking the system in the form of a scanner (eg, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, or Rescue Disc), because sometimes the standard methods to track the emergence of threats to the system is not possible.


Here, actually, though brief, we have discussed what is Win32.Of course, the information submitted in a compressed format, but the ordinary user to go into the jungle of programming and understanding of the principles of using the architecture "OSes" or file system is not necessary.In an extreme case it is enough to figure out the problem of errors and choose the method of their elimination.