What is the cadastral plan?

the contract of sale and purchase of real estate must provide documents that show that the object does exist.One of such media is the cadastral plan, presented in graphical and tabular format.

What is this document?

Cadastral plan gives a clear and more clear understanding of the plot of land, a house, apartment and properties under construction.Cadastral registration procedure is called to make the necessary information about real estate in the State Register.These actions are performed by specially authorized bodies in order to prove the existence of the object.Check the accuracy of the information possible on the state cadastral map, which is public.

list of items cadastral plan

first section of the document contains information specific plot of land, as well as general information, which is provided in a tabular format.Immediately indicate the name of the authority responsible for land registration, date of registration, registration number assigned to the cadastral plan, location, boundaries and land area based on surveying, as well as information about the ownership and the purpose for which you are creating topographic surveys.The second section shows the schematic or graphical boundaries of real estate.The following paragraph describes the boundaries of the property and the adjacent areas.In the fourth section make textual information about specific parts of the land.The fifth and final point is a schematic showing the boundaries of the individual property.

Why topographic surveys carried out?

This procedure allows you to record the fact that the appearance of a new object.Cadastral plan of the house describes the main features for later identification.In some cases, such action is necessary for registration of ownership of the property.In addition, the house must have cadastral passport, which is an extract from the Unified State Register, which contains the name, designation, address, number of floors, the boundaries of adjacent land and, of course, the cadastral number of the object.

Cadastral plan of the apartment is a document in which the scheme drawn up by floor, room for the options and the necessary description.In addition, information is available on the redevelopment, if carried out.Cadastral plan for an apartment can only be obtained at the Bureau of Technical Inventory.It should be noted that the validity of the cadastral passport to housing is unlimited, but some organizations, insurance companies and banks that provide mortgages, may require to update the document if it is received after it took more than five years.

In today's real estate transactions are not carried out without providing a full list of documents confirming the existence of the object and property rights to it.Cadastral plan - an essential element without which the procedure of purchase and sale is simply impossible.