Aspiration - a system of air purification in hazardous industries

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manufacturing many kinds of products related to the formation of dust suspensions, hindering workers breathe and threatening their health.Cement plants, crushers, mills and the chemical and metallurgical industries, and many other economic sectors have faced a problem of clean air in the shops as soon as they become available.

dust and other dangerous contaminants tried to fight, giving personal protective equipment use (called respirators, and is a simple breathing filters), but none of these are highly efficient.In recent decades, the development of production companies are gaining popularity more effective means to create normal working conditions - aspiration.This word has a common respirator with Latin root "Spirit" means "breath."

task aspiration system

to said companies, referred to as harmful production, without ventilation is impossible to work.With the exhaust air leaving the indoor closed space, and a variety of nasty dangerous impurities.Actually, this fact inspired the engineers to increase the degree of purification, creating a passage dusty mix the most favorable conditions.

aspiration system - a combination of technical means to ensure the removal of suspended impurities from the working areas of production facilities in order to reduce their concentration and the impact on the human body, as well as their utilization.In other words, it is created for people to breathe easily, and damage to the natural environment factory or plant is not applied.

pipe and fan aspiration system

most important thing in this system - a pipe.But it is not simple, and special made so that the dust it is not stuck and accumulate.It is possible to use the longitudinal welded pipes, but better perform their function of spiral-wound, similar to vacuum cleaner hose.But this does not end the subtleties: the slope of the air is also important.Dust can be very severe (e.g., cement) so designing aspiration is conducted with the specific nature of the impurities and their physical and chemical properties.Driving pads often branched, has twists and turns, characterized by the relative size of fillet radius should be at least twice the diameter of the pipe.

pressure gradient at the inlet-intake and outlet-level difference can be created, but the desired flow rate is still attached to the fan, which is impossible without qualitative aspiration.This is usually the classic "snail" low pressure (sometimes more than one).

Waste Processing

What to do with air pollution?It just throw it into the atmosphere is not only unethical towards the residents of the surrounding urban or rural areas, but also fraught with an impressive amount of fines imposed on the production, which management does not want to treat the environment with respect.Therefore, there is a direct sense to make the separation of harmful impurities.This problem is solved by two series-connected devices in the pipeline - separator and filter.

collected "garbage" in some cases, it can be used for recycling, but then you should reduce its volume, so it is compacted and collected in special containers.

So, if air cleaning system consists of pipelines, pumps, separators, filters and collection of recyclable waste, this aspiration.Ventilation - is only part of it, providing air transport air-dust mixture.

Monoblock aspiration system

Despite the simplicity of the operating principle, there are various ways to implement it.Monoblock most widespread scheme in which every workplace air pollutants, dust extraction devices are installed.They can be fixed or mobile.Such aspiration - is an analogue of the aforementioned cleaner with its hopper subject to regular cleaning own fan (air pump) and a rather short duct, which, depending on the degree of mobility is a flexible hose or tube is rigidly mounted.Available in standard candy bars than due to their relatively low cost.


large-scale production with a strong dust workspaces monoblock devices aspiration can not do.It requires high performance with ease of maintenance, as the constant need for cleaning a large number of small collections too laborious.In this case, the standard approach - a rarity, except that the production cycle itself is standardized, and it is provided at the design stage such an important system as aspiration.It occurs when the mill or factory certain type surrenders "turnkey" and meet the highest environmental standards.More frequently, companies involved in solution of the problem of air pollution in the working area and participate in the modernization has long been working industries, which require individual study of all aspects of technology.