What kind of car to buy a novice driver?

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Choosing its first car for a novice motorist - a difficult and troublesome.In addition, it is necessary to stay within the amount available, you must think about how to purchase your equipment meets all safety requirements and was the most reliable.

Before you decide what car to buy a novice driver, should be marked for themselves some important points relating to its choice.A decisive role in this is, of course, the amount of available money, and then to personal preferences and tips "experienced".Consider the basic criteria influencing the choice of the first car.

Should I buy an expensive car

no secret that car for a new driver - a kind of simulator for experiments.Not having enough experience, beginners often "torn" clutch, go to "hammer", include the wrong gear, sooner or later, will certainly affect the operation of the engine and transmission.In addition, scratched bumper or repulsed wing mirror - it's almost mandatory attribute of the car starts to the driver.Therefore, the driver with no experience of driving the best option would be used, but reliable car.If the future owner of the machine worked at the wheel for years, but only now decided to buy his own car - you can safely buy a more expensive model.

advantages of the new cars

thinking about what kind of car to buy a novice driver, is precisely defined in order to be used or whether it is still out of the cabin.Experienced drivers say a better car - it is a new car.Inexpensive and worth a lot of money - that is another question.Of course, they are right.Any machine from the cabin, subject to all necessary maintenance requirements, does not take much trouble and will please his master, at least five years.You do not need to worry about its origin and the state.Problems with the recording and passing tehsmotra with the new machine will be.So if the financial opportunities allow, it is better to buy a new car, a cheap but reliable.Even if it is not a foreign car, and the domestic "Lada" any model.Such a car, and it lasts a long time, and help him to understand the basics of maintenance and repair.

Features selecting a used car

But if the available money on a new car is not enough?Here it is already necessary to think, watch and try, because to buy a used car - it means to play in a certain way in the lottery.Well, when you can get it from a family member or a good friend, who will assume responsibility for the car, and even make a discount.If the choice of the first car on the market will have to do, or to declare, without the help of professionals can not do.In this case it is better to drive a car on a car repair shop for a thorough examination and diagnosis.Do not be amiss to learn the story of buying a car.

against foreign cars domestic auto industry

But do not worry in advance.Some second-hand cars can give odds to the new one.Neat foreign car firsthand valued more new domestic cars.Cheap cars from Western Europe can serve faithfully on our roads more than a year.

If you had to choose between a used car imported and our new car, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages.Foreign cars are superior to domestic models due prestigious mind, comfort and reliability.However, our machines are cheaper, inexpensive to maintain, they can always find spare parts, as well as the presence of certain knowledge, self-repair them.And here is a matter of personal preference.If you want comfort - buy a foreign car.There is no desire to spend money on expensive spare parts, ordering them abroad - purchase our machines.

popular car brands in the secondary market

Among second-hand imported cars the most popular are:

  • Volksvagen Golf, Polo, Caddy;
  • Toyota Corolla, Yaris;
  • Opel Astra, Vectra;
  • Audi A4, A6;
  • Ford Mondeo, Fiesta;
  • Hundai Accent.

Domestic cars, second-hand, have a steady demand.Most often bought and sold such brands:

  • VAZ-2107, 2109-099, 2110, 2170-73;
  • Daewoo Lanos, Sens, Nexia.

Does size matter

Many experts argue that the vehicles for new drivers must have a small size.It supposedly should compensate for the lack of experience of parking and reversing on busy city streets.In fact, such statements are unfounded.A driver with a large growth or having a heavy build a small car with close cabin nothing but inconvenience while driving will bring.What kind of parking and maneuverability can be a speech when heavily upright or turn.Therefore, the best size of the machine the one that best suits the driver and allows you to feel its size.No other criteria relating to the size or shape of the body does not exist.

mechanics or machine

manual gearbox while driving can distract the inexperienced driver.Get used to it, switching speed "blind", it can only be a few months.Such transmissions are usually equipped with inexpensive cars.Automatic transmission designed to deliver vehicle owner from unnecessary movements and makes everything herself.Therefore, in discussions about what kind of car to buy a novice driver, type of gearbox has a special place.Of course, the preferred machine for the beginner.He knows everything and switch when and where necessary.Most vehicles with automatic transmissions prefer women, but men sometimes make their choice in their favor.Indeed, cars for new drivers with the "automatic" simplify the process of learning and make driving more comfortable.But not everything is as it seems.Automatic gearboxes are good at new cars, used cars and on they sometimes fail due to deferred maintenance.Their repair or replacement - it is very expensive and troublesome.In addition, the driver who gained the experience of driving a car with automatic transmission, reseeding in the car with his strange "mechanics" simply will not touch off.

gasoline or diesel

Today, diesel engines are bypassed by many criteria gasoline.In the first place - it is economical.Diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline, and its consumption in modern diesel and a half times less than that of gasoline engines.Moreover, the diesel engine is considered more reliable due to the lack of complex electronics.But these advantages are only to new vehicles.Used diesel is much more expensive than stated in the passport data, and repair high pressure fuel pump, a turbine or a fuel injection system will cost a large sum, rather than fix a gasoline engine.

best choice

summarize the arguments on the subject, what kind of car to buy a novice driver, it's safe to say that if funds allow, the best choice would be an inexpensive new car domestic or imported with a diesel engine and automatic transmission.With proper care and maintenance of it will last a very long time, and nothing but the pleasure of driving, will bring.If the purchase of new cars is not enough money, he would be a great alternative to a used, but the tried and tested the domestic car with gasoline engine and manual transmission.