Rules of conduct in the plane.

Virtually every person ever made a trip related to the various causes.Many people reason or another are faced with the fact that it is necessary to use the services of air carriers.

What are the rules

But not everyone knows how to behave in an airplane during takeoff, landing, flight and the time of registration.And there are rules of behavior on the plane for passengers.In order not to be trapped, you should first get acquainted with them, as well as during the flight attendants guided by the advice of the stewards and stewardess.

As already mentioned, there are rules of behavior on the plane.Of course, many of them are a little different for different carriers, depending on the category of flights on various routes, but there are items that are the same at all.For example, there are restrictions on the availability of some items in the personal luggage in the cabin.We must know that the baggage referred to as "hand luggage" on the plane that it is impossible to take a number of subjects, for example, a large amount of liquids and sharp objects.But more on that later.

Terms of airport check-in

So, a person falls into terminal for registration on your flight, buying your ticket, baggage.Many passing visit duty free shops where you can buy original quality goods at minimal cost.

passengers often have experienced at the hands of already pre-printed boarding passes.They can only pass customs inspection and hand luggage.To do this, go to the bar drop-off.Sometimes luggage taken a gun, where the design and weighing it.For hops there are different distinct airline baggage rules with respect to its weight, number and size.This should be consulted in advance.If the flight is included in the category of "low-cost", the cost of checked baggage is extra paid and is limited to 30 kg per one passenger.

If a passenger has been registered online, but did not receive a boarding pass, it should refer to the posts with the inscription online check-in.In cases if the passenger is not made previously are no documents on the fly, it is necessary to address for service at the counter with the words "business class" or "economy class" depending on the category chosen trip and its cost.Often the uprights online check-in airport staff invite unregistered passengers, so as not to create unnecessary hustle and queues.But if there is a person with a registered card, it is necessary to skip the queue.

unwritten rules of behavior on the plane

Not many are now willing to spend extra money on the way to the hotel.It should therefore be using the services of an air carrier of economy, to observe some "unwritten" rules of behavior on the plane.This helps to avoid conflicts with other people.

  1. Not to be unhappy because of the inconvenient location of the seats in the cabin, must be purchased in advance.To be able to select.Pre-planning should be familiar with the salon.After all, the different models of aircraft, it is different.
  2. For regular airlines themselves offer customers a better place.It should be considered if you often use air travel.
  3. Do not use an abundance of perfumes and colognes before planting.This can cause a negative reaction from others.
  4. If a long flight, it is recommended to take a pair of clean socks.When the need to remove their shoes, they come in handy.
  5. before the flight is to pay attention to personal hygiene.Otherwise, the people around them and the passenger will experience discomfort from an abundance of unpleasant odors.
  6. must know that is on the top shelf of hand luggage on the plane.What can not leave her side, cluttering pass.Size of hand luggage must match size of the top shelf for luggage, to avoid falling.
  7. for hand luggage has a niche on the top shelf, the corresponding passenger seat.You can not borrow someone else's space for hand luggage.Surplus items are taken into the cabin (if it is allowed to make employees of the airport), set themselves at the feet, between the rows of seats.Once fully fit all passengers before takeoff aircraft with the permission of the steward can put the excess baggage in free niches of the upper shelves.
  8. can not abruptly and without warning, recline the backrest.This can lead to casus when rear passengers at that moment consumed drinks or food.
  9. Do not loud music in their player or tablet.This could trigger the creation of a conflict situation.
  10. On landing ship can not hold all his figure pass, waiting for the ladder.
  11. Do not use the phone frequently.Unpleasant for many will be a fact of your conversations.Sometimes it irritates others.Use your phone is recommended in cases of emergency and only with the permission of the staff of the aircraft.
  12. Do not take perishable foods, foods with strong flavors.Many airlines are not allowed to carry on board all aircraft with food packages.If the lunch is not provided for an air carrier, in the form of a snack, you can grab him with snacks, sandwiches with sausage, biscuits.
  13. If food is to be used neat.Do not risk to be drenched or stained.
  14. The toilet cabin of the aircraft must comply with the basic rules of ethics and hygienic standards.The bathroom on the plane - a public space.Leave it behind clean and tidy.
  15. We must remember that the stewards and stewardesses - it's not for the whims of the servants.They provide the comfort and safety of passengers.You can not without a reason to press the call button.If you wish to appeal to the board, the steward, you can approach it.During the trip allowed the movement of the cabin.
  16. In case of violation of rules and regulations by the passenger during the flight, violation of transport in the plane, the passenger may be added to offenders and get into the "black list".In this case, brawlers will be denied further use the services of an air carrier.In violation of the law and the Code of Offences culprit can be sentenced to jail time or get a huge fine.

basic regulations

And now about the basic norms and rules of behavior on the plane.Their observance will help to avoid accidents during take-off and landing aircraft.

Many are interested in the question: "Can I smoke in the airplane?" The answer is in the rules governing the behavior of passengers on board the aircraft.


Guidelines on the plane say that not allowed to do on board the aircraft:

  • Prohibited:
    • drinking;
    • smoking throughout the cabin of the aircraft, including the bathroom;
    • during takeoff and landing can not use electronic devices, including phones, laptops, measuring apparatus;
    • prevent staff in the service;
    • refuse to comply with the requirements of the crew;
    • intentionally damaging and disabling aircraft equipment;
    • show aggression and bullying, including abuse;
    • to stay in the cabin, if there was an indication of his leave;
    • use of narcotic substances;
    • intimidate and threaten the rest of the passengers.

passengers All actions must be consistent with the work of the personnel operating the airliner.


available statistics that many accidents are caused by passengers due to the disregard of the elementary rules of behavior in the aircraft during takeoff and landing.The proximity of the land and the minimum time for a decision leads to tragedies.Surprisingly, the higher the plane above the ground, the more of it the distance, the safer.It is this unquestioning obedience commands requires flight attendants.Their standard phrase - not a fad.This will help to avoid overlapping and tragic accidents.It's pretty simple, but necessary for execution:

  • Turn off cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • location on the top shelf of hand luggage in an alcove close.
  • Adjust the seatbacks upright.
  • Fasten your seat belts.
  • Fold folding tables.
  • Raise the curtain windows.
  • Disconnect to music on headphones.

detail about the rules

The need for such measures due observance of the safety of the flight.Turn off mobile phones and devices operating on the signal is required in order not to inadvertently create a problem with the magnetic field, which determines the correct operation Aviapribor.This may adversely affect the radios and talks dispatchers and aircraft crews.An exception to disconnect a mobile phone or tablet is the transition to a special regime "for the flight."

vertical position of seat backs during takeoff and landing is required to allow unhindered exit all passengers from their seats in the event of danger.If the backrest is set in a tilted position, it can not be done.

requirement for flight attendant "fasten seat belts" should be observed in view of a possible emergency, increased turbulence or sudden braking of the aircraft.In this situation, there is a possibility of injury due to the separation of the body from the passenger's seat.Laid tables can also cause injury.

Open windows to help passengers during takeoff and landing to adapt to lighting.Another important factor is that it takes into account the case of passenger detection of deviations in the engine through the window, for example, increased smoke or fire.

If you listen to music, you can miss an important message of stewards and their directions to any action.

most important point in the flight crew of the aircraft is braking during landing aircraft.This is the moment when the actions of all units can be harsh, unpredictable.So do not rush things and rush to the exit.Sudden braking can cause injury if passengers are not wearing.As the plane taxied to the terminal and will submit the ladder, only to be quietly collected the exit.Flight


Special attention should be paid to hop parties with children.Rules of conduct in the aircraft for the children is not particularly different from the major.But keep in mind the fact that the responsibility for the behavior of children under 12 years old during the trip are the persons accompanying them.

If passengers baby rib, then allowed in the cabin pram or cot.Children aged less than 7 days is not recommended to take on board.Pre-flight and specifies the conditions for the use of rocking in special places.

Children under 5 years can fly by plane only when accompanied by adults.Older children can fly on airplanes alone, provided that there is evidence of their meeting upon arrival.In such cases, the airline is solely responsible for the flight of children.All the nuances of such a trip is necessary to specify in advance.If you meet at the place of arrival are not available, the airline itself will take the child to the specified address.

kids in the cabin must abide by all the rules.To fasten the kids to the chair uses a special belt of appropriate dimensions.If your child is flying in the economy cabin without a separate place, the lunch is not included in his service, just drinks.However, some airlines provide food for each of its passengers.It raises its rating and status.

flight passengers with pets

Some people travel with their pets.For this purpose there are special regulations for the transport of animals in aircraft.

Prerequisite for the transport of the animal - the existence of a special passport and a certificate about his health.This can be obtained in any veterinary clinic.The documents should be of help all the necessary vaccinations.Free passage through customs control during registration will be possible if there is a certificate of absence of the breeding value of the animal.

If the animal is up to 8 kg, its place in the cabin in a special cage, adapted for transportation on flights.The exceptions are guide dogs for the blind.They are transported by free baggage allowance.For other animals purchased a special ticket.Large animals are in special ventilated containers and cages in the cargo bay.The crew is always aware of the events taking place in the cargo compartment, by means of special connections and indicators.

should comply with all recommendations for the transportation of animals, in order to avoid accidental loss.Pre is available with a list of prohibited export of "smaller brothers", and if there is a particular need, you have to take care of the resolution of the State Committee for Environmental Protection.

Home - before deciding to fly with an animal, it is necessary to clarify the possibility of transporting it on the flight.It is imperative to specify whether to allow the import of animals to stay.

On arrival

These are some rules of conduct in the plane during the flight.It should be noted that under favorable landing airliner accepted with applause to thank the captain and crew of a good flight.And when you exit the aircraft have to say goodbye to the flight attendant with words of gratitude for the pleasant air travel.