4 most trendy shade of lip makeup this spring

What styles of makeup lips will be the main this spring?We have identified four trends.And they can come to you.So, how to choose the news to follow fashion in the spring of 2013.

Trend №1.Red

Classic Rouge (Rogue), seem to never go away.This is the same "eternal" thing as a little black dress.Therefore, it is worth buying red lipstick every season.And if you have not tried yet - to teach her to wear.

inspiration for the red lips Spring 2013 has become a way of 80's and 90's.Remember them when will look for the right shades.

Kara Delivin in advertising the brand Reserved, a campaign of Spring 2013, the image is made in the style of the 90s.

How to:

Step 1. Preparation lips.Take a soft toothbrush or clean mascara brush, and gently massage your lips dry removing dead skin cells.Apply the balm to keep lips moisturized.The best moisturizing ingredient in lip balms - shea butter.After applying the balm easy to blot lips with a napkin to remove excess balm.

Step 2. soil.Apply a special primer for the lips, you can use creams.This will help lipstick stay longer and do not "float".A layer of foundation to be weightless, barely touch lips.

Step 3. Lipstick.Choose matte and satin finish, the classic red color.Apply the corner brush, it deals with specific product precision, so that the liner is not required.

Step 4. Dry brush.Surplus lipstick clean dry flat brush.First, on a path, and then, if necessary - to the surface of the lips.

Trend №2.Nude

Nude lips this season can be dull, and with a hint of playful gloss.The inspiration from the catwalks are images and minimal makeup.

Kate Moss in advertisements Italian jeans brand Liu Jo

How to:

Step 1. exfoliation and moisturizing.The familiar action with a toothbrush and lip balm

Step 2. Lipstick nude.Avoid too cool colors.Frosted finishes, too, is not a trend, then there is no mother of pearl and cream.It is better to pay attention to the warm shades that match your natural lip color.But stay away from browns - they age.

Step 3. Shine.If you are unable to pick up your lipstick shade, sometimes it is enough to put on a transparent lip gloss that will shine your own shade of lip.

Trend №3.Tinted lip

Believe it or not, but the cherry on the lips looks luxurious and sexy almost every woman.Do not be afraid to make your lips slightly darker than they really are.Look how beautiful berry lips Italian beauty Bianca Balti.

Bianca Balti in advertising fragrance Light Blue by Dolce & amp;Gabbana

How to:

Step 1. exfoliation and moisturizing.At the end of the procedure massage lips with a towel, her lips will become brighter - that's just such a tone color and you need to look to the tone or two darker than natural lip.

Step 2. Lipstick.Habitual sticks better not to use, choose a tinted balm or cream-colored pencils.Their colors more natural, dissolve on the lips look natural.

Trend №4.Dark lips

For spring vamp lips are not the main trend.Moreover, critics say that this trend is leaving, because already at Fashion Week Fall 2013 wine lips almost was not on the podium.However, lovers of dark lips can not worry until it is overdue.The inspiration may be the advertising image of Tom Ford and catwalk make-up.

Advertisement of the new fragrance Sahara Noir by Tom Ford

How to:

makeup saturated lip is such an art.And the main thing in it - not even the skill of applying lipstick, and the balance between dark lips and the rest of the face.

If the facial skin is very light, then give up the very dark shades, for this "background" is sufficiently pure crimson lipstick, she is quite contrasting.Do not forget to support the rich lip rouge.

If lips are trying wine for the first time, you do not immediately get used to a new way.Any advice is to start with gothic lips are like at home.Once you feel comfortable in a new way, you get used to him - then he will be able to safely carry the "in people."

For a start - apply eggplant shades of brush, it provides a more transparent layer.Applying lipstick Stick gives more saturated color - consider this.

and advice - keep your eyes and eyebrows are less saturated than with the lips, while the balance will be met, and your wine lips "understand" surrounding.

Articles Source: mycharm.ru