HP Pavilion g6: how to enter the BIOS, and what does it do?

Not long ago, the US Hewlett-Packard has released its line of laptops g6, which is positioned as the average person with a stepping stone for entry level business-class.The main elements of the outer shell finish of these devices were made of glossy plastic parts with a structured surface of the cover and metallic elements of moving body structures.Matrix screens used TN-film, provides the necessary information for display as a work and multimedia applications.Filling devices ranging from the initial operating capacity to the initial game that allows the user to select the device "under him."Work laptops g6-running series "Vindovs", "Linux" and "chromosomes."The link between the operating system and the hardware of your laptop is a special system settings BIOS.Here the user can enable or disable the peripherals integrated in the product, change priorities loading hard drives and external storage, as well as to carry out fine-tuning of individual elements of the notebook.

What is a BIOS, and how to enter into it?

BIOS - it is a piece of software computing device implemented on a chip level and allows the operating system to use the full arsenal of its hardware.

special version of the program is stitched and HP Pavilion g6.How to enter the BIOS device, consider further.

scheme procedure enter this setup menu is as follows:

  • When the laptop is turned off, press the power button.
  • Quickly press several times Esc.
  • Press F10.
  • How to enter the BIOS HP Pavilion g6, agreed.Settings menu on the screen.

should be noted that changing the settings in this menu must be performed by having an idea of ​​what he is doing and why, otherwise it is likely malfunctioning laptop and malfunction due to incorrect changes.

details on menu items, BIOS

information on how to enter the BIOS on the HP Pavilion g6, already mentioned.We now consider each menu item BIOS settings individually.

Main Menu

It provides basic information about the installed CPU, RAM, BIOS version, device ID and its elements.Also there is the ability to configure the system date and time.

Security Menu Settings

password to enter the BIOS when you connect to the hard drive, and enable / disable additional safety features.

Diagnostics menu

includes elements to test the basic elements of hardware and display information about their condition.

System Configuration

After entering the BIOS HP Pavilion g6 possible, at this point, the user can change the menu language, enable / disable virtualization technology processor (if supported), adjust the mode of operation of the cooler.As well as the submenu "Settings" Boot to set the boot priority media.

Menu exit

It's simple: you can choose to exit and save the changes without saving, or to make a reset to factory defaults.

Main BIOS setup to install "Vindovs"

Before installing the operating system "Vindovs" on the HP series g6, you must set the appropriate settings in the BIOS.

placed on the workplace HP Pavilion g6.How to enter the BIOS - already known.Go to the menu "System Setup" and open the sub-setting Boot.Here, by pressing F5 and F6 to move devices from the installation image "Vindovs" (flash drive, CD-ROM) to the top of the tree priority.This action will allow the system to run at the start of the installation process from the specified media.Before exiting the BIOS setup menu "Exit" should choose to save the settings and confirm.After restarting the laptop will start the installation process.

Mance information on how to enter the BIOS on the HP Pavilion g6, Windows 8, 7, XP can be installed without difficulty.

Benefits correct BIOS settings

always better to read and understand the instructions for setting up something than to fix the problem appeared.So in the case of possession of a laptop HP Pavilion g6.How to enter the BIOS and configure it properly before you install / reinstall the operating system, it is important to understand when developing devices.A properly configured BIOS allows the device to operate stably, quickly and without a glitch.Therefore, if you install a new operating system without modifying the BIOS settings can cause problems in performance and functionality.It is best to complete the process by 100% than to stop halfway through.With

given knowledge quickly and easily unlock the potential of laptop HP Pavilion g6.How to enter the BIOS and configure it properly, now you know.