Stones chrysoprase adventurers to help and protect children

chrysoprase stones - semiprecious mineral, variety of chalcedony and quartz with a small percentage of nickel.It looks like a translucent stone with thin streaks of light green color, turning into milk and grass, and sometimes blue-green tone.Gentle, not cutting the eye color, matte, veiled like the morning dew, while the thick, deep and alive makes admire it forever.Stone sometimes behaves accordingly Environment: stay in bed for a long time in the sun, it can be a little fade, but once in the water or wet ground to recover quickly.

How does stone

said that chrysoprase stones are beneficial to mental activity, relieve tension, help fight stress, lower blood pressure and removal of residues.Like other green stones, chrysoprase helps people sensitive to the weather during magnetic storms, it helps with rheumatic pain and pain in the heart and heart failure.Another advised to wear stones Chrysoprase when to be hard work to increase endurance.Litoterapists advised to wear stones to speed up the metabolism and activation of the internal glands.Also, it is possible to push the water, which then helps you get rid of colds, but on condition that it is not an infection.

Chrysoprase (stone).Properties.Zodiac

Stones chrysoprase become a talisman for adventurers who are sickened by the ordinary and which entail the unknown, it will help them find their own way.Everyone who leads an active lifestyle, not pants sit, can hope for his protection, for them - travelers, researchers, inventors, scientists - chrysoprase will be a good and faithful mascot.Stone will give the wearer the energy and strength.The properties of the stone are such that it will not support any - envious, egomaniac and suspicious people do not get anything from him, chrysoprase prefer honest and open natures, ready for action and change.

Suitable for stone?

Chrysoprase increases the wealth and well-being, protects against losses evil eye and spoilage, meetings with unfair and undesirable people, therefore, appropriate to traders and merchants.Features Supports stone exhibits in relation to children as soon as chrysoprase regard to the child's body, it immediately begins to him to "work", protecting from evil and negativity, bad dreams and bad influence, drew favorable attention to his peers and promotes harmonious development.Who should wear chrysoprase (stone)?Zodiac you - Virgo, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn, Libra or Aquarius?So, this is your stone.

If a long look at chrysoprase, the bad thoughts disappear and rise your spirits, if sadness was not.It seems fiction, but it is easily confirmed on a pilot basis.Even the doctors say about the beneficial effects of green color vision, and psychologists - to facilitate his composure.