6 skills that will be useful in the future for children

All parents are in the delusion that to, say, their children become scientists in the future of world size, it is necessary that they are now at such a young age, were the stars of the school and olympic size.

kids really need extensive knowledge in various fields, and just reading and writing should be possible to add many other sciences, but the world is not standing still, and so on.But there is another kind of skill, which everybody forgets, though it is necessary for all children to succeed then in absolutely any of their chosen activity.

We all know that almost every employer in any profession prefers employees who know how to solve problems, create, collaborate and communicate.

The school specifically such skills are not taught, but it can easily be done by parents.Hone all the important vital capacity is possible through exciting activities and games, such as during long trips in the car or even walking to school or store.So, what are they - these skills.

1. problem-solving skills

to break into the competitive world of adults, and to be able to succeed in it, the child must be able to think critically, to observe, analyze and come up with reasonable solutions to complex dilemmas.To develop these abilities can be by asking counter-questions.

For example, if he asks, why not build an underwater city, too, ask: "What do you think, why?".Let your child come up with several independent versions, then conduct its own investigation into the same online and tell you how things really are.

2. Skill synergies

best results are obtained when the joint coordinated work of the staff.School projects are aimed at developing just children the ability to control themselves, diplomacy, time management, etc.

But these skills can be taught in the family - for example, arranging joint sessions baking with siblings or neighborhood children, or that may be interesting modern children, invite them to shoot and edit a film together.

3. Skill proper use gadgets

Yes, children are practically professionals in all matters relating to smartphones and computers, but what they do they really?Play flipping some pages with jokes, watching pictures.But in the future they will have to navigate the streams of media information to work successfully.

Teach children to benefit from the Internet and knowledge can, for example, a blog offering him a certain direction.This may be a family blog, where each family member will have their own duties to fill it with information, etc.You can travel with a Google-maps all over the world, accounting for future travel routes (even if they are not yet available) and so on.

4. Skill spatial thinking

spatial awareness, the ability to mentally visualize objects - a very important skill that we,in fact, we use every day when, for example, decide whether able to put your car in a certain place.

to cultivate the skill of the child, it is necessary to encourage those video games where you need something to build from parts of blocks, for example, Minecraft, Lego, etc.The house must be a designer, and in the car when you need to go somewhere with your child, you can turn off GPS - let alone a child learns routes.

5. Skill concise communication

ability to express briefly and clearly - in adult life is priceless!To develop such skills can be any activity in which the child is invited to become a leader and to give instructions or, conversely, to listen to them and do them.

One of the exercises for this purpose - to tie each other's eyes and sent to the room in search of the hidden objects.You can also invent stories together on the principle of a chain - each in turn adds something of his own, but it is necessary to adhere to the main storyline.

6. Skill original thinking

Creativity is necessary in any activity, so it is in the child needs to develop and encourage in every possible way.

For this there are lots of games and activities that develop the imagination, but in addition to them, you can periodically ask the child how he would have decided this or that problem.Good game - to look at ordinary things in an unusual, both in their appearance and in the way to use them.

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