The first signs of pregnancy for 1-2 weeks after conception

first signs of pregnancy for 1-2 weeks after conception ... are not they?Most gynecologists says that learn realized the dream of women at such an early period is not possible.However, many expectant mothers have shown that maternal instinct is not a reason, putting themselves correct diagnosis.On the basis of what the changes in the body can be suspected of approaching motherhood?

1. stress.

In this case, we mean any groundless typically feminine feelings like resentment for no reason and scandals, dissatisfaction with their appearance, and so on.. In general, these early signs of pregnancy in the first week is very similar to the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, also calledhormonal changes.So if you happen PMS, then this feature you nothing to say.

2. Increased appetite.

To the kid well and developed quickly and was born is healthy, mom should eat properly and varied during his gestation.Nature takes care of the continuation of the human race and the birth of the most healthy individuals, so the woman's body so casually tells us that it is time to change your diet.

3. Changes in taste preferences.

Each of us has some of his favorite dishes.Someone loves exotic fruits and vegetables, some can not live without meat, and someone cheer up a variety of sweets.After conception, everything can change dramatically ... Your favorite dish once it becomes repulsive, its smell alone can cause nausea.No, it's not that it is the pall, and the fact that you are born a new life.This is a fairly common early signs of pregnancy for 1-2 weeks.

4. Nausea.

Usually this symptom beginning toxicity occurs in about two weeks after conception.However, morning sickness is not all women, contrary to popular opinion.Generally unpleasant sensations in the stomach area appear in the morning, immediately after waking up, before breakfast.Something similar to this food poisoning.Not pronounced toxicosis successfully "treated" tea with lemon, broth of mint or lemon balm.Some women have enough to chew mint gum to nausea receded.Apogee toxicity usually falls in the middle of the 1st trimester to the second all goes well, whatever happened.

5. Frequent urination.

These are the first signs of pregnancy, the first week after conception usually does not issued, but the second and subsequent moves her some discomfort.Do not confuse this with the normal process of pathological.If you are going to the toilet you have pain, it does not measure an interesting position, and exacerbation of cystitis.Treat it is recommended under medical supervision.Most clearly manifested the first sign of pregnancy in the first week and the next, but ... the third trimester.On a longer term heavy uterus begins to compress the bladder, and women often want to use the toilet, especially at night.

6. Increased sensitivity of the mammary glands.

Someone almost immediately after conception starts to hurt his chest.And these feelings are more painful than those that occur in most women during the second half of each menstrual cycle.Another interesting point - the first signs of pregnancy, 1-2 weeks to appear, can be successfully used for self-diagnosis of normal / pathological course of pregnancy.

If the breast is quite ill and one day become soft and not hard, it may indicate the fading of pregnancy, the death of the ovum.Sometimes such early starts to separate from the breast colostrum with pressure on the nipple or spontaneously.In some cases, this is considered normal, while in others due to the abnormal increase in the hormone prolactin due to serious illness.

7. Pain in the lower abdomen, in the area of ​​the uterus.

With these painful sensations familiar to most women.They usually occur a few days before menstruation and persist for a couple of days from the beginning.Some pain occurs during ovulation.At the same conception of the coming pain appears, do not start a monthly.If there are other early signs of pregnancy, the first week after conception has passed - it is possible to ascertain almost unmistakable.

However, sometimes such easy fight the fairer sex feel when beginning an abortion.In general, any site pain in the expectant mother - a potential threat to her baby, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

8. Increased basal temperature.

it correctly measured in the anus, that is - a rectal temperature.It rises in a few cases: if the body temperature is raised and locally - in the period of ovulation and in the first weeks after conception.This is what we are talking about an elevated temperature in the morning, because it is necessary to carry out measurements in the morning, at other times of the day they are not informative.

To measure the rectal temperature should be accurate to use a thermometer, even 1-2 division play.When held conception thermometer shows 37 degrees or a little higher.If you notice the above signs of pregnancy for 1-2 weeks, but the thermometer shows "negative" result, it is too early to be upset - a relative, a likely symptom, not accurate.Modern gynecologists paying him little attention.

9. subfebrile body temperature.

37-37.3 degrees - this temperature is common in expectant mothers in the first trimester.This phenomenon is due to the acceleration of metabolism as a result of an interesting situation.If other symptoms are not observed, it could be called the first sign of pregnancy in the first week.Plus can throw it in the heat and cold.This is due to a violation of thermoregulation, it passes on its own within a few weeks.

10. Low blood pressure.

If the house is not an instrument for measuring pressure, then make a similar conclusion can be based on the following effects: drowsiness, fatigue, headache and so on. D. Increases the pressure necessary in pregnancy drugs.You can go for a walk in the fresh air and drink coffee or tea, but not too strong, caffeine, too, does not benefit the body of mother and child.

11. The pregnancy test is positive or the result is not clear.

In the first case, it is clear that the test shows the two strips, but more often in the early stages of the second striped girls see barely visible, the so-called "ghost".If the birth took place, the rest will appear the first signs of pregnancy for 1-2 weeks, and subsequent tests rim will be much brighter.This is associated with increasing concentrations of human chorionic gonadotropin in urine, due to which a colored second rim on the test.

If you want to get an accurate, reliable results, do the test after the start of the delay, as recommended by manufacturers.Otherwise hCG concentration may be too low to obtain a positive result, especially if ovulation has occurred not at mid-cycle, and a little later - towards the end of the menstrual cycle.If you wait until you do not want a delay, get a test with high sensitivity.

12. Several enlarged uterus.

This can be noted in the gynecological examination the doctor.But on this basis to put an accurate diagnosis will not be as exact same bit of the enlarged uterus may be before menstruation.

Sometimes, the first signs of pregnancy in the first week there, but, despite this, begin monthly.Of course, there may be the case in the artificiality of symptoms, and maybe in a possible miscarriage.Very often the pregnancy terminated at a very early period when even the doctors can not make an accurate diagnosis.If this has happened to you - do not worry, all ahead, still you will succeed!

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