Governess - it .... meaning of the word "governess".

When you read or hear the word "governess," that each person has certain associations.I do not know how anyone, but for me the governess - is primarily a literary images of Mary Poppins and Lady Bok by beautiful women writers Pamela Travers and Astrid Lindgren.

These two ways of determining what should and should not be the governess for the child.I would argue that Bok - housekeeper.I will not argue.But her relationship with the kids - very bright and imaginative example of how an employee, no matter how he was called, does not have to communicate with your child!

meaning of the word "governess", or what should be engaged a governess

Quite often, parents are thinking about hiring a governess, do not represent the difference between a nanny, a housekeeper and governess.In the view of parents, all employees should be engaged in these professions with the child to go shopping with a list of shopping, clean the apartment, prepare dinner and feed the baby.

This idea of ​​the governess is not true.Tutor or governess - a specialist engaged in the development and education of the child, as opposed to sitting, tasked with supervision and care of the child, ensuring its security.But let's look at the dictionary and see how they interpret the meaning of "the governess."

What do they write dictionaries and encyclopedias?

Thus, according to the Small Collegiate Dictionary, a governess - a teacher in bourgeois and noble families, usually foreigner hired to education and home education for children.

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia the following definition: "The governess, tutor (French. Gouvernante, gouverneur, from gouverner -" to lead, manage ") - home tutors, mentors children in the noble or bourgeois families.In Russia, widespread in the 18-19 centuries. ".

Considering how dictionaries explain the word "governess", meaning it would be possible to explain this: a person who exercises control and education of children of parents requirements.

This approach was entirely appropriate in the 18-19 centuries.Then the health and education of children engaged in nanny, governess, played the role of the teacher-tutor pupil teaching etiquette, norms of behavior in society, and foreign languages.

Today, when young mothers build a career, and her young grandmother successfully continue, most families are willing to hire someone who will deal with both the education and development of the child.But before you start looking, you should decide so, what will be the work of a governess is with your child and what qualities a worker should possess.

We make demands on the governess.Governess for a child of preschool age

First of all, think about the age of their child.If your baby from 3 to 5 years, then you need a specialist who will not only educate and train, but it can provide and care for their students.That is the work of a governess will be not only to develop games and various exercises with your child, but also to change clothes and to wash, warm the food and feed your child.Such a governess - a specialist who knows the peculiarities of psychology and physiology, children are capable of playing and entertaining way to give the child the necessary knowledge.

It is also important at what time you plan to hire a specialist.So, if your child goes to preschool, and the governess will take it and deal with child development and school readiness - then you need a governess with a special, preferably the entire pre-school teacher training.

If the main work governess with your child - transporting it from a kindergarten or a mug to the house and waiting Neskuchne parents work, it does not matter, have a governess higher education or not.The most important thing in this case, to the governess had the experience and skills to work with children and care for them, was a positive attitude and the child developed with her good and trusting relationship.Specialist invited to a specific number of hours each day, most of the afternoon.

When for some reason a child can not attend preschool, then you need to seek specialist for 6-8 hours, that is, for the whole day.Job governess in this working day will be in compliance with the relevant child's age mode of the day, the organization of its food, cleanliness and restoring order in all that concerns him.

Job governess to the children of school age

If governess engaged with the child-student, then its main tasks will be the preparation of lessons, "pulling" of items for which there are difficulties, as well as sharing with students perform various household duties, which are set for himin family.

In addition, the duties of a governess is included if it is written in the contract and it is necessary to accompany and meet the child from school, sections, clubs or after a coaching.

great value in its ability to play a governess in teaching a child to think, to work with the information in the development of his desire to acquire new knowledge.

not important, but it is very useful skills governess

In the event that the governess has any additional specialization, for example, speaks several languages, acting and plays any musical instrument, at the request of parents and arrangements withprofessionals to extra classes with the child in the area of ​​specialization tutor or governess.

Furthermore responsibilities for the upbringing and education of the child, it is important compatibility governess with you, your ideas about educational processes.

It is important that the person you intend to hire, cause you only positive emotions and trust.Usually governess invite a child under the age of 3 years and older.Your child may express their opinions about the specialist, especially if you ask him about it!

What is the job of a governess?

1. First of all, it takes care of the physical and mental well-being of your offspring, ensuring adherence of the day and power of alternating periods of vigorous activity and rest of the features of relationships with peers and teachers.

2. Engaged in comprehensive development of the child, including its intellectual, physical and emotional development.

3. Controls and adjusts the intellectual or physical development, knowledge and skills on various subjects at school or studying at preschool.

4. Communicate with teachers, educators, heads of studios and clubs, tracking progress and level of achievement of his pupil.

4. Removes a child to school in groups, sections or additional educational institutions, in charge of his life, health and safety.

5. If it is stipulated in the contract, the governess may hold special sessions in a particular area, for example, to teach a child to foreign languages ​​or drawing.

This, of course, a very general outline of what the work of a governess.In each case, and the family will have their own particular characteristics and nuances.

wish you that you found the governess was not only your helper, but also a loyal friend, a sensitive mentor and favorite teacher of the child throughout his childhood!