The Proclaimers - it heralds power

Brightly dressed heralds - it is an essential attribute of the medieval genre pictures and scenes.But the history of this profession began long before our era.It is well established that the first heralds were already in Ancient Greece.But the duties of professionals in those days there were several other ...

Ancient heralds

Ironically, the first representatives of this profession, we know of ancient Greece.In this country, they have participated in many activities.So, one of the most honorable professions were the heralds.They are representatives of other states.They performed various diplomatic functions.In addition, there were town criers - dignitaries and distributors of various decrees and news.Finally, the lower part of the class played the role of spokesmen touts and advertising agents on fair and square in front of the benches merchants.Insignia, which had a Greek herald, - a special baton caduceus, which is both a symbol of the god Mercury.

In the Middle Ages

few other employment heralds waited in the Middle Ages.The first mention of them associated with the era of the Crusades.Since the public in campaigns has been mixed, noble aristocrats sought to distinguish themselves from the crowd, to emphasize its gentility and wealth.To do this, the nobles needed decals, which they decorated the private property of horses and weapons.The collection of all distinctions and marked the beginning of heraldry - the science of coats of arms and banners.

important insignia attached and medieval knightly tournaments.And here again there are already known to us the heralds (or mouthpieces).First heralds just stayed in the suite of his master in order to glorify and praise his exploits.But later expanded the responsibilities of the Herald.Spokespersons monitor the proper conduct of tournaments for compliance with all ceremonies.Having in the retinue of his own herald allowed only noble and rich people - in fact such a messenger must not only know the tournament etiquette, but also represent their master in all the important celebrations, advertise it, as we would say today.Now mouthpieces - is well-known respected person was in the retinue of the first persons of the state.Behind them establish the obligation to monitor the preparation of coats of arms and letters, to declare peace or war, to attend the ceremonies.Get the title could herald by special order, only difference in any battle in a tournament or an official ceremony.

spokesmen in Russia

Noble emblems appeared in Russia in the late 16th century.A little later in the country appear heralds.Unlike their Western counterparts, herald in Russia has always been sovereign's servants, although the responsibilities and those, and others largely coincided.After the 18th century, this position becomes the court and largely decorative.Now mouthpieces - is the court officials responsible for compliance with the most important official ceremonies.In 1917, the post was abolished in Russia, but in modern monarchical states heralds still there.