Holiday chores: Tricks styling

hair hanging like icicles as straw or stick?A time before the celebration was not there?Proposed tips will help you do away with this forever!


evening before the publication of a few drops of aroma oils with the scent of rosemary and mint mask for hair.Gently rub into your hair and scalp.Soak a towel in hot water, wring out and tie a turban.Let cool for about 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.As a result, you will have soft, shiny hair with a delicate aroma.

Instant effect

hairstyle looks good, but interfere with short hairs sticking out?Rub moisturizing lotion in the fingers swipe hands through his hair.This will make your hair smooth without weighing it down.

time reserve

hairstyle will last longer if, after stacking a hairdryer you will give the hair to cool thoroughly.So, leave the house only 20 minutes after having finished a hairdryer to style your hair, especially during wet weather with drizzle.And even better protection of hair lacquer, which protects them from environmental influences.

The smaller, the better

If your hair does not hold a shape, it could serve as a surplus of cosmetic products for hair care.It is better to use light remedies and rinses directional.If you are cut ends only need to look for them, but against dry hair easy to rub almond oil or avocado oil, it does not apply it to the scalp.

quick way to add volume - a few strands separate, put on their hair styling, screwed on the large curlers and dried a little warm hairdryer.Allow to cool.Carefully remove the hair curler and place with your fingers.

error when choosing colors

In fact, you would only add to the natural color of your hair more bright sunshine, and now the individual strands of bright orange color more like a flaming red sunset.Here's a tip: Apply to hair coloring shampoo for light-ash or light-brown hair and do not wash it within 10 minutes.Contained therein green pigments neutralize red tones.For a start is better to spend just a single strand of painting, strictly following the instructions.

Getting rid of unsuccessful color

you missed with the selected color in the hair color?Fully correct this mistake you are likely to fail, but try still stands.To do this, you need to wash your hair with shampoo for dandruff, and then on 30 minutes to put a remedy for hair care.Shampoo penetrates into the hair structure and lift the scales and the coloring pigment will wash out from under them, together with the treating agent during rinsing.

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