Math games for Class 1.

Like it or not, but the math - a complex science.Babies difficult given the perception of even the most basic knowledge.When it comes to first-graders, beginners learn the basics of the science, it is important the correct presentation of information in the classroom.

proved that any material which is served in a playful way, is best absorbed by the children in primary schools.In mathematics, this technique will also be effective.Almost all teachers use children's math learning games for students.

When and how to use math games in school

Any training with games lead students to a complete delight.But no matter how you loved the game baby, yet their use is not always appropriate.For example, when you need to master new material, here of fun can not walk and talk.The task of school - without being distracted listening to the teacher and memorize.

And in what cases it is still possible to use math games for kids:

  • teachers prepared interesting games for outdoor lessons.
  • such competitions can div
    ersify the practical exercises, repetition of previously learned material.
  • Without math quizzes and competitions do not cost extra-curricular themed activities.
  • Interesting logical-mathematical games can be used by parents during homework and self-study children.
  • Short math games are a reward for good behavior in the classroom or excellent marks on the control.

As you can see, the options which could be used in the game while learning a lot, and, importantly, it will always be effective and interesting for students.

favor of games during math lessons

first lessons may seem like yesterday's kindergarten children tedious and cumbersome.Ten - fifteen-minute short breaks in the game do not give a tired child.They facilitate concentration and encourage interest in the subject matter.But this is not all that useful math games for Class 1.

children tend to be better and smarter than their friends and classmates in this competition promotes the appearance of motivation and excitement.And if for the victory in the game rely prizes, this is an added incentive.

game helps children to see that mathematics is related to real life, and is often used in addition to the lessons.

Benefits game is also in the fact that it's not just relaxation and fun for children, but also the ability to easily and naturally derived repeat the lessons of knowledge.The child does not even realize that he also coached playfully erudite memory used in practice the studied material.

What math games for Class 1 are useful, no doubt the parents.Pupils enjoy sharing their emotions associated with participation in such amusements.


first-graders have not lost the habit of colorful toys, so they are more receptive to educational math games that use colorful attributes.Conventional quiz can be bored.Depending on the scenario attribute appear colored volumetric figures of cardboard, plastic geometric shapes or stick to help make such figures.

What are math games for Class 1

Depending on the situation, math games are arranged in the form of entertainment pyatiminutok during lessons, or you can organize the whole costumed presentation, which will be a holiday for children.

team game "Make a reply»

When bored usual school mathematics, Grade 1 with joy to play this fun game.The organizer must prepare in advance for each student cap, which will be written in digits, addition and subtraction.All the children are divided into teams and wear caps with their numbers.Next, each team is given a task: monosyllabic task, such as "2 + 4 =?".Task teams - the speed to find the right solution and line up in single file, so that from the numbers on their caps emerged and the example and the answer.

entertained Orientation meeting "equals»

This mini-game can be performed as an alternative to physical pyatiminutki for primary school children.First class should be divided into two or three teams with an equal number of participants.Next, each team gets the chips with different numbers "12", "25", "3" ... and so on. D. How many children are in the same team, so many chips.The objective of each team will signal the teacher as soon as possible to line up in increasing numbers.Kids playing in this game, not just a fun run around the class and learn how to determine which number more, and some - less.

mathematical lottery

necessary to prepare his hat and put it in the leaves with numbers from 1 to 10. wishes to blindly pull yourself one forfeit and give an example where we can see the life that came to the figure.For example, "4" - four legs in the chair."8" - eight legs of the octopus, "2" - the two eyes in humans.

can organize a lottery even knowledge tests.Children will be interesting not solve the examples that are written in the book, and those who are dragged from the "magic hat".

If during class you spend math games for Class 1, it is desirable to come up with some sort of promotion for the winners.These may be small prizes or simply chips, which are counted at the end of each quarter.

Practice shows that those lower classes where the teacher creative approach to the organization of lessons have good academic performance, and further it has a positive effect on their attitude towards learning.

Home Entertaining Mathematics

Class 1 - a time when almost all the homework child performs with his parents.Their task in the process becomes a first-grader to help understand complex concepts to him, but give him the opportunity to show their independence in solving problems.

the child is not bored, doing homework in math, almost every task can be presented as a fun game.Also available in children's stores, special toys.It can be colored plastic tsiferki solutions for example, geometric figures, to help get acquainted with the shape of the object, and a lot of other things.Applying during separate home schooling are educational games, you can combine business with pleasure.But remember that toys overdoing it.First-grader should be remembered that his main task - studying, which can sometimes take place in the form of games.

Computer logical-mathematical games.Benefits and harms

now many online resources offer educational computer games, which are based on mathematical problems.Can there be such games are useful for children?The views of experts on this issue are divided.Some argue that children do not place the computer, as this could trigger blurred vision, weight gain and the occurrence of gambling addiction.But at the same time contribute to the development of the game the right attention, logical thinking, spatial imagination and planning skills.

For all, it is clear that children would be useful for playing computer math games, but parents should clearly rationing during such sessions.The game can be used for educational purposes, without giving a child too deep into the virtual world.It is necessary to teach him once every 10-15 minutes to be distracted from your computer and do a warm-up for the eyes and a small charge.Then your pipsqueak can only get the benefits of mathematical games.