Glass bridge in China: the most interesting combinations of benefits and aesthetics

China surprised the world with the ability to create masterpieces of the epithet "the most."Tall, big, large, long - all found in China.A special theme - the construction of bridges and tunnels.Even the famous Great Wall - option promenade along mountain ridges.Glass bridge in China of heavy-duty material gained the title of "the attraction of fearlessness."Last masterpiece again forced the world to recognize that this country is not only curious traditions of eastern identity, and the unique ability to connect them with the latest developments in science and technology.

ahead across Europe: a transparent bridge in China

Construction of facilities in this "country Feng Yun" has both a practical, utilitarian and aesthetic, decorative purpose.The most ancient, unusual, long, exotic, wide bridges built in this wonderful country.And they are partly used to solve real practical problems.Such complex and multiband highway interchanges and bridges, both in Beijing, which is rarely seen.At the same time in hotels in China and the tropical island of Hainan bridges are widely used to decorate parks and priotelnyh territories.Glass bridge in China, was built at the present time, a tribute to modern technology and the proof enterprise masters, but the feasibility of this material remains to be seen.

arched bridges first appeared in the year 610.Europe only eight centuries came to the ancient techniques that were used in the construction of ancient China in the year 610.This bridge, built in Hebei Province, suffered ten floods, earthquakes, and is preserved in its original form to the present day.It's kind of a monument, as well as modern glass bridge in China, inventive craftsmen.But more on that later.

China Bridge future

real masterpiece built between Hong Kong and China - Bridge Pearl River Necklace by NL Architects claims the title of "the most humane bridge in the world."It allows any kind of car comfortably adjust to the version of the band that you want: for Hong Kong - is right for China - the left side of the movement.And the tape itself is changing in some places the road, and the driver does not have to perform additional maneuvers.The project is interesting as their design solution.It is scheduled for completion by 2016.Author of the project - the Dutch company, and it was developed in the framework of the contest declared by the Chinese side.

glass bridge fear

Transparent bridge in China constructed of heavy-duty material in a natural park in Zhangjiajie.The extraordinary "avatarovskaya" beauty massif enterprising Chinese used to attract tourists, and we have to admit that the idea is completely justified.Glass bridge in China and serves as a viewing platform, which offers not only panoramic views of the mountains, but no less picturesque scenes under the feet of the desperate tourists.This "attraction fearlessness" in length and 60 meters at an altitude of 1430 meters on the mountain "Cloud Gate" (Tianmen Mountain) gained popularity immediately after opening.Crowds of visitors visit the glass bridge in China.Photos taken at the memory, will be a good advertisement for the thrill.

most transparent bridge

Where is it?In southern China, in Hunan Province, built a glass bridge suspended in the mountains.At 180 meters, you can stroll through the modern buildings of 300 meters in length, connects the two rock massif.The ability to imagine the abyss separated 36 mm (three layers of heavy-duty glass) when Chagall almost in the air, it's a great premise to think that life is unique and fragile!To confirm the strength and to draw attention to the transparent bridge in China brought a whole group of volunteers.So join in the modern world shows, technology and simple human curiosity.

Transparent bridge - a symbol of trust

Suspended transparent bridge has attracted worldwide attention.This is a "fragile" structure connects the two rock and has a commercial purpose of the observation deck.

Bridge - a humane architectural structure, as its goal is to combine.Glass bridge in China, a photo which you can stand the sufficient number of pedestrians, as evidenced by a group of volunteers, confirming the strength of the structure.

Since climbing to this particular bridge does require a certain amount of the brave, has a special duty to help visitors to cope with fear.

Everything in the world is about people, their needs and aesthetic pleasure, worthy of attention and implementation.Subject bridges connecting the shores and continents to help people overcome the obstacles raised, confirmation.The combination of utility and aesthetics is the main principle of architectural projects.