How to caress the girl?

Young people wishing to gain sexual experience, are often asked about how to caress her.This topic is devoted to this article.

Preparation pm

If a man wants to be at the height of evening of sexual pleasures should begin not with the bed.Women have to be rested.And give her the opportunity when you can work, taking care of dinner.Maybe it will have dinner in a restaurant, but can - self-decorated table.

Once dinner is over, the woman relaxed, you can move on to the sofa.Do not be silent - speak.And talking mostly about her - sypte compliments, but always sincere, show interest in its affairs.Listening Woman, you can move on to action - stroking arms, back, offer a massage.


But you moved in bed.How to caress the girl?

Before that you did everything correctly, the girl herself pressed against you, and then you can go directly to the weasel.It should start with a soft touch to the neck, back of the head and hair.Such affection is very popular with the girls, because in these places have a large number of nerve endings.

from the neck and back of the head can move to the face - there is also a lot of erogenous zones.Also excitable places deemed ears, fingers, back, girl, belly near the navel, inner thighs.However, the maximum sensitivity to gentle touch has a female breast.

In general, it is worth remembering that the high susceptibility has skin in places of transition in the lining: the edge of the nostrils, the border of the lips, vestibule, etc.Very exciting game called "butterfly flight", the meaning of which is to weasel eyelashes.

But you went to the chest.In the process of fondling her sensitivity is increased many times over.How to caress a woman in the chest?Start with caressing tongue, while focusing not merely on the nipples, but also around them.If nipples pat with your fingertips, you'll notice an interesting effect, indicating the strong excitation girl - nipple erection.Referring to the chest, it must be remembered that this area is very sensitive and need to caress her very gently.Rough movement will only lead to the opposite effect - the excitement disappears.And it does not cost much to crush the chest or bite.

of chest gradually moving lower, approaching the most delicate female body.How to caress the girl in the vagina?This process also requires a certain knowledge, but the main advice - do not touch the clitoris unexcited.Such actions can cause discomfort and even pain.When stroking the genitals of women need diversity, because the repetition of the same caresses will not have a meaningful value.Of great importance are oral sex.


oral sex - the fastest way to bring the girl to orgasm.How to caress the girl in the genital area?There are several positions, the most suitable for oral sex:

- girl lying on her back, and the partner is located between her legs;

- girl sitting on the edge of the bed or in a chair, and the partner is arranged in front of her on his lap;

- position 69.

latter provision is not for everyone, because the girl can not always concentrate during cunnilingus fellatio.

Cunnilingus better to start with light kissing the clitoris and the labia minora.Of great importance is hydration of the clitoris, or the girl may feel uncomfortable.Lasky continued soft, careful movements of the tongue.When the transition to the vagina, can not be limited - this area is not so sensitive to the action.

caress female genitals and fingers can be if enough lubrication.However, thrust them into the vagina is not necessary - the women do not like, such a process is associated with their reception at the gynecologist.

We hope that we will fully answer the question of how to caress the girl, it's time to move on to the practice.