Children Pushkin.

Though Alexander Pushkin married and lived only six years old, but had to leave behind heirs.After the death of the great poet of his wife Natalia was left with four small children in their arms: two sons and two daughters.After her husband's death she moved to her brother, but two years later returned to the village of Mikhailovskoye.

Pushkin Children were educated people.The daughters were educated at home, the children of primary school mastered at home, then entered the Petersburg High School and graduated from the Page Corps at the military academy.Many fans of the poet interested in how children called Pushkin.Daughters - Maria and Natalia, sons - Alexander and Gregory.

May 19, 1832 was born in the light of Maria Alexandrovna.Its amazing beauty so inspired by Leo Tolstoy, he wrote off to her image of Anna Karenina.Many admired aristocratic manner of Mary, the ability to make small talk with ease.Marry a girl came at the age of 28 years.When she was 45, Mary's husband, Gen. Leonid Hartung died.The children of a woman was not, she lived alone in Moscow.She died in 87 years, 7 March 1919.

Children Pushkin did not follow the footsteps of his father and did not create.July 6, 1833 was born the eldest son of Alexander.He devoted himself to a military career and rose to the rank of lieutenant general.For their courage during the Russian-Turkish war, he received a gold sword "For Bravery".Alexander kept all the books and manuscripts of his father, and care for his things.He was married twice, from two marriages, he had four sons and seven daughters.He died at the age of 81, July 19, 1914.

Children Pushkin though preferred a military career, but respected the work of his father.Grigory after the military school joined the civil service in the rank of court counselor.He was the owner of Michael's estate.Married 50 years, but the children have not had.On the centenary of the birth of his father Grigory handed over his property to the state, and he moved to the house of his wife.Contemporaries remembered him as a kind, witty, cheerful and hospitable man, he was engaged in charity work.Grigory Died August 15, 1905.

Children Pushkin looks were more like her mother, a younger daughter Natalya took over the features of his father.She was born May 23, 1836, had a strong-willed and strong character.It was a bright and independent woman, so she was not afraid to go against the wishes of his mother, and at age 17 she married Colonel Dubbelt.She gave birth to three children, but not to endure the unbalanced nature and drunken brawl husband, Natalia eight years divorced him.The second time she married Prince Nicholas of Nassau, she was given the title of Countess Merenberg.Second marriage Natalia gave birth to four children.She died at age 79, March 10, 1913.

very numerous offspring left behind children Pushkin.Photos of these people have survived to our time.They were noble, honest, kind and open people, honorably bearing the name of his great father.