One of the most brilliant poets of the XIX century is considered to Alexander Pushkin."Cloud" - a hymn to rain on a summer day.The poem exudes the freshness that comes after a storm, it is permeated with sunlight heats the ground.The poet opened a new style of writing poetry in his works used a literary device identification with the living beings of nature.Trees, rocks, sea, sky, land - all are endowed with the ability to feel, experience, love.Like living beings, it refers to the Pushkin.

cloud - is the main character of the verse, the author's attitude to it is ambiguous.In the first quatrain, he set aggressive towards her.Cloud poet suggests depression, so it is waiting for when it will be hidden from view, and the sky is clear.Author cloud rebukes for what it did not disappear in time and catching up with her recollections of the storm, rain, thunderstorm.Though it felt admiration for the way the world works, but still resembles the heavenly pilgrim on completion of its mission, Pushkin.

cloud in the second quatrain appears as a ruler of the sky, that's where it has reached an all-time greatness.The author acknowledges the fact that it was needed, it waited for the arrival of humans and nature.Drunk cloud earth life-giving water, she was at the peak of power when it enveloped a dazzling lightning.But last thunder died down, rain stopped and the clouds in the sky became superfluous, it rushes, seeking shelter, but all else fails.

third quatrain already more calm and full of appeasement did Pushkin.The cloud does not seem menacing and majestic, it even becomes pathetic.The author does not threaten anyone, and only asks to disappear and not depressing.The first is an introductory quatrain, he tells the reader about the main character, sets the mood of the whole poem.It slips depression, the feeling of disappointment.In the second quatrain prevails fighting spirit, it is the culmination, the apotheosis.The poet is inspired, he describes the picture bright colors of the shower on a summer day.Repeated snarling consonants allow better perceive the mood, which was trying to convey Pushkin.

poem "cloud" ends in calming and soothing atmosphere.The author has no demands - he asks to leave and not to interfere.Alexander vividly portrayed the awakening of nature after the rain, in the lines of a feeling of freshness.Variability, the diversity of the world, the subordination established laws - all of it passed the poem "cloud."Pushkin (analysis of stressed that the understanding of the author's world is ruled by a higher power, not the people) has shown that the lack of harmony and nature deprives a person of happiness.

Everything has its time: the drought in all expected cloud, Rain asked who could drink the thirsty ground moisture.After a downpour people want to see the sun, clean, blue sky, not a storm cloud.The poet insists that everything should be done in time to the future not to be expelled and does not regret forever bygone days.Cloud represents a person who was not at the time and out of place, and therefore was not understood.