RegCleaner Pro: What is this program?

Cleaning the registry and temporary files - a mandatory procedure for each computer.As a result of this operation frees up the system disk, the program will start to work and the computer as a whole.The easiest way for this purpose the use of specialized software.And one of these utilities - RegCleaner Pro.What is this program and how to use it?Answer below.

RegCleaner Pro - what is it?

Windows users are often faced with different files clutter your computer registry that affect the stability of the OS and its performance.This is due to the fact that utilities are constantly turning to and collate data appends them and rewrite, which could result in unnecessary outdated information.

In this case, we can safely say about RegCleaner Pro, which is a real lifeline, as it is designed to clean your registry and fix errors in it.This tool has broad capabilities in the registry:

  • scan and fix the errors found;
  • defragmentation (optimizes to increase system performance);
  • backup (backup from which you can start at any point in the recovery process).

can say about RegCleaner Pro, it is very pleasant in appearance utility.The interface is clear even to a person with minimal computer knowledge.There are 6 tabs, 3 of which are for the files (scans, defragmentation, backup), the remaining 3 - management of the program (status, configuration, registration).

unpleasant thing is that it is a paid tool.The free version only allows you to fix 15 errors.To view this necessarily need to purchase a license key.After his input is given full access to functionality.Speaking of RegCleaner Pro mostly positive reviews.


Installation is simple and does not require something supernatural.However, at some stage you need to remove a few ticks, due to which your computer will be installed 2 more utility.After the installation immediately begin a system scan for errors related to:

  • system and the user;
  • COM and ActiveX;
  • startup and uninstall programs.

Then you can get rid of them by clicking the "Fix", provided that the purchased license key.Without it, you can cope with only 15 problems.It is useful that the system check indicates the degree of damage to the registry.In the future, when you start the program will start automatically scanning.If this is not necessary, this function settings can be removed.

But it is not only scans and removes.It can be seen by looking at RegCleaner Pro, it's not the only cool feature.There is such a thing as defragmentation and backup.Defrag optimizes your registry and speeds up the system by pressing just one button.Backup allows you to create a restore point in case of loss of data registry is just click "Create a full backup."


If you want to know about RegCleaner Pro - what is this program - without restriction, is purchase a license key.Make it easier:

  • include "RegKlin Pro", go to the tab "Registration".
  • Click "Buy Now", then go to the official website.

  • Click "Add to shopping cart".
  • Remove unnecessary ticks, enter data and select the payment method.
  • After payment to e-mail a letter with the key.
  • Again open RegCleaner Pro, license key, enter an empty string in the "Register" and activate it.


removed it, as well as all utilities without problems in two ways:

  • Go to "Control Panel" - "Add or Remove Programs", we find this tool and press "Delete."

  • by other utilities.For example, Ccleaner.Open it, click the left side of the "Tools" - "Remove Programs".Finding the right, click "Uninstall."When we go in the "Register", click "Search for problems," hereinafter - "Fix" renounce the preservation and click on the "Correct marked."

However, before deleting it is possible to get a nice surprise from RegCleaner Pro.What is it?The proposal to remove the 50% error free of charge, after which the program will be removed.

In conclusion

Reading about RegCleaner Pro reviews, you can see that the utility is really popular because of its simplicity and powerful functionality.And this is true.Where other services are 10-20 problems with the registry, "RegKlin Pro" digs much deeper and finds the 200-300 error.However, without a license key can not cope with them.