Terms of business General Director of Hewlett-Packard Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman of the good, the success of eBay, politics and diet ...

current CEO of Hewlett-Packard Meg Whitman in 1998-2007 headed the online auction eBay.Under her leadership, a startup with 30 employees turned into a corporation with a turnover of more than $ 8 billion. Since September 2011, Whitman is trying to bring the hardware manufacturer Hewlett-Packard of the protracted crisis.It supports the political ambitions of Mitt Romney, which for a long time friendly, and she ran in the election for governor of California in 2010, but lost to the candidate of the Democratic Party, Jerry Brown.Whitman's personal fortune is estimated at $ 1.9 billion. It is one of the twenty most influential women according to Forbes.

If you believe that people are basically good, that in a conflict situation, you start from the fact that faced with a lack of understanding, which is likely to be able to overcome, and do not think it is necessary to proceed to the threats and insults.By showing respect, you become partners to jointly seek a solution.

eBay basis of success has been the willingness of our society to trust eBay and each other.

I believe that the real view of things is necessary, but cynicism and negative attitude suicidal.I also believe that some inspired people can change the world.If the founders of eBay, Netflix and many other Internet companies were skeptical about human nature and suffered suspicion, they would never have started their businesses.

price of inactivity much higher than the cost of failure.To be an effective leader, not necessarily to be perfect, but it certainly can not be timid.

As the bureaucracy laminated all-new levels of managers who are always afraid to say "yes."As a leader, you must deal with this way of thinking 24 hours a day.You must create a culture in which "yes" is pronounced without fear.

If you give either team an unlimited time or resources to carry out a task, this is rarely the desired results ... restrictions force us to concentrate.

If we wait, trying to anticipate all of the problems in advance, the price of delay may be too high.We will learn much faster, trying to act.

Whatever ambiguous, complex and even paralyzing your circumstances may be, the price you pay for standing still, indecision and unwillingness to go forward, much higher than the cost of failure.

most important thing - to use technology not only to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also as a way to tap the energy, ideas and the best quality of the people and their willingness to work together with others who share their interests and desire to actively improve their lives and the life of humanity inwhole.

I saw a lot of the financial statements.But while I run a lot of different business lines and brands, I've never seen the young enterprise of high performance which showed eBay.

In my first year of study in business school, I threw nine kilograms, which were not redundant, only because of the effort that I put to withstand the competition.

work with the best people, the best of what you can find.With regard to wages, do not confuse "dollars" with "value".Remember how important it is to gain experience and learn from the best.

Most successful people I know are different in that the path that they have chosen in life corresponds to their essence.

When involved in politics, you can always find acceptable and expected answers to journalists' questions.If we respond in the business so the questions of employees or shareholders, we would have long ago dismissed.

Manage eBay was more amusing than to participate in the gubernatorial election.

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