How to recover unsaved Word document version of the program in 2003, 2007 and 2010,

Every person who for a long time working with Microsoft Office, is well aware of what it is - to get into a situation where, after a long work simply due to fatigue or due to some technical reasons, the document is not saved, and this procedure isIt may even be canceled by the user.

In such situations, one begins to automatically think about how to recover an unsaved document Word, because many people think that a few hours of work have been lost in vain.However, if you act properly in such cases, it is likely that the situation will be reversed wrap.

In the overwhelming majority of cases there are several options on how to recover unsaved document Word, although the information may not be repaid in full.

Can I return?

Basically, all the options on how to recover unsaved document in Word, do not allow to fully return the entire document.The whole point here is that any version of Microsoft Office provides fully automatic saving of the document on which the work is carried out.In accordance with standard settings is auto-save is performed at intervals of 10 minutes, but if necessary, the user can independently adjust these settings to choose what option is best for him.

How to change these settings?

To change these characteristics initially need to go to "Settings", then go to the point "Save" and there set the value.Please note that next to "Autosave" is checked, which in any case can not be removed, because otherwise you do not be able in the future to maintain this information.The documents, even if they keep the fine, have a virtually insignificant amount, it is even so you should not worry.

Microsoft Word 2010

Fortunately, in this version of "Ward's" Microsoft developers have provided a version of such a problem, so in this case there should be absolutely no issues.Knowing that their users are constantly looking for how to recover unsaved document Word, the developers decided to finally make their own, simplified technology that was originally used in "The Office" and can be used by any user.To do this, simply run a special feature called "Recover unsaved documents" and get the source file.It should be noted that it is likely the information will be restored back to you not completely, but it is much better than starting from scratch, and, basically, now everything is very simple, as the restore unsaved document in Word 2010 may even a child.

Find this item will be the following path: "File" & gt;"Information" & gt;"Version Control" & gt;"Recover unsaved documents."Once you go to the above path, open the folder.It will be a variety of documents, maintaining that you have canceled, but who nevertheless decided to leave our caring Word.In this folder, you will need to select the file you want.If this situation is for you to be the standard, and you often lately canceled saving, you will have to dig into the AutoSave files to find the one you need.To help you do this, pay attention to the date when the latest update occurred document.Around the same technology is the procedure on how to recover unsaved document WordPad.

Once you open your desired document, it will appear again in Word, and the top begins to shine a reminder that he has not yet been saved.Now you can see as far as possible to return the information, and then we finally save the document in the desired folder.

Find yourself

second option - is a fully self find the necessary document in the folder where the deleted files are located.The system automatically carries out the preservation of recorded document every few minutes, so you are likely to recover a large part or even all, if you cancel saving by long period of time after writing the last word.

Initially, information is stored in the following path: "User" & gt;AppData & gt;Roaming & gt;Microsoft & gt;the name of the application in which the missing data (Word).In the overwhelming majority of cases users prefer not to change the data, so it is likely that they are standard and you today.In this folder, you'll find exactly what files were saved.

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that the AppData is a folder that can not be so easy to access, since it is automatically hidden.For this reason it will be necessary to fully describe in finding the type of folder you are interested to find her own guide.In the overwhelming majority of cases it is possible to make a fairly simple, just to know the exact path to save.

Microsoft Word 2007

In this case, the Autosave feature is configured and regulated in the same way as in the previous case, so there is no problem in how to recover unsaved document Word 2007. If the document even when-That was maintained, or has a specific name, in this case, even after sudden restart the computer will prompt you to restore a previous copy.Thus, you'll be able to choose - after the failure to restore the original document or the copy that was automatically saved by the application.

Microsoft Word 2003

In this case, as there are no difficulties in how to recover unsaved document Word 2003. After the occurrence of all kinds of failures will be prompted to restore the file that the program automatically saved, or simply open the source file.In this case, in order to set up an automatic procedure for storing documents, you need to go to "Tools" & gt;"Settings" & gt;"Saving".In the window that you want to install a check in front of "Always save a backup copy."