Terms of communal services in Russia

The approved rules of public utilities services are provided to citizens with a huge number of different pitfalls, but some key points may seem interesting.

The first rule of public services to citizens - is the introduction of payments for each of the two utilities.In other words, the receipt indicates the amount that must be paid for obtaining the municipal services in an apartment, and nearby is the cost of the service spent on obschedomovye needs.It would seem that everything is clear: the rules of public services - personalized services - those which are used inside the apartment.Obschedomovyh needs - it's common expenses.

It should look at the situation thoroughly.Obschedomovyh needs for water mean the water consumption in liters spent on porches, watering the yard.With heating - too specific questions arise - access must be heated.Questions begin to appear when it comes to gas and sewage.Where there are "obschedomovye 'needs for gas?And the rules of public services provides such an article.The same can be said of sanitation.

new rules of public services say that the easiest way to make calculations in the presence of residential and obschedomovyh metering devices.In this case, the testimony of obschedomovogo deducted the total door-unit consumption.The resulting difference is obschedomovoy consumption.Terms of utilities is recommended to distribute a total of obschedomovogo flow to all residents, according to the footprint.

question arises as to why this expenditure is not linked to the number of residents, and to the square meter.The result is that the lonely elderly person, once privatized two-bedroom apartment, to pay for the overspending large family, which huddled in the "kopeck pieceĀ»

In case the counters are not set, the calculations are made, as before according to the standards of consumption.It is more difficult in homes where meters are installed part of consumers, and the other occupants of the counters there.If consumers, for whatever reason do not have time to hand over the evidence counters, they will consider the payment according to the standards, and then have to "recalculate" the whole house.

Many experts are pessimistic.Many people do not understand, if the specification of heat is the same for the needs of the common house, and for the apartments, the temperature requirements in the entrance is much lower.The same applies to the standards of water consumption.If in the summer it can be assumed that the "common water" watered the yard and flower beds, in winter time such expenses are practically nil, except for washing of floors in the hallways.So what kind of public services we pay?

All these issues should be dealt at least because, according to many experts, serious overestimation of the amount of utility bills for the management companies have become the norm.For a start will be enough to learn more about at least one item of expenditure - current repairs and maintenance.In this article, means people come at the expense of the management company, even though the volume of work produced rarely reaches 50% of the planned.