Fatal Aurora

Aurora Karamzina, St. Petersburg's famous beauty, evil tongues was called for the eyes "femme fatale".It is no coincidence.First her fiancé died under tragic circumstances, just a few days before the wedding.This fact, of course, no one saw anything unusual, if not reached after a chain of similar events.

second victim of fate became a close friend of Pushkin and Chamberlain, Colonel Alexander Mukhanov.Falling in love with another young Aurora, he offered her his hand and heart.Again the wedding was scheduled.And once again hit - on the eve of celebrations A. Mukhanov died.

Two years subdued beauty honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences P. Demidov.The wedding took place.But not for long lasted happiness.Soon he widowed Aurora.

Six years later, Aurora Karlovna made another attempt to arrange their family life - she married Colonel Horse Artillery Kolmogorov Karamzin, the son of the famous historian.But bad luck, to pursue this charming woman, was merciless.During the Turkish campaign, Colonel Karamzin was butchered enemy sabers ...

conquer fate of the remaining 48 years of her Aurora Karlovna and lived a widow, but until his death kept the beauty and charm and no shortage of male attention.For contemporaries Aurora forever remained a mystery and live up to 94 years.In 1902, she passed away.But after the death of her name it was fatal.

poet G. Maslov, intrigued by these strange coincidences, I decided to write the poem "Aurora", entirely dedicated to Shternval."And fate is doomed to death kissed those lips," - he wrote.

And it is not passed to him with impunity: doom Aurora Karlovna drew their attention to the poet.While working on the poem, Maslow became ill and died in a hospital bed until the last minute polishing separate lines truly fatal for him poems.

According to legend, a curse came after the mother of Aurora Shternval in a moment of anger cursed all possible suitors girl.

But this is not the end.

Already today, in Nizhny Tagil, in the corridors of an old building regional library from time to time see the ghost of Aurora Karlovna.According to the information that leads investigators of paranormal phenomena from Yekaterinburg group "Stalker", a ghost appears in the library after someone from readers asking Maslov poem "Aurora".

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