What is remarkable pedicure acid?

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At all times women have sought care for themselves.And as for the legs even more.This is nice when the skin on the feet dry, rough and scaly?That is why the procedure pedicure is always in demand.It makes it possible both in salons and at home.And what is remarkable pedicure acid?First of all, the fact that he has a lot of advantages.

What is the meaning of procedure

Anyone who hears the name for the first time as an acid pedicure, reflex afraid of the word "acid".And for good reason.In fact, the whole procedure is carried out using a special cream, which is composed of soft, non-aggressive, but very effective acid.It is thanks to them rough skin becomes softer and more pliable, will be removed.Incidentally, the acid pedicure, reviews of which is very, very positive, it is considered the best way by far to get rid of corns, calluses and rough skin quickly and safely.

the cream

course, every manufacturer creates a line of funds for their (and not so special) recipes.However, in this case, there is something that unites them.Thus, the acidic pedicure tools for which can be found in specialty stores, is performed with creams, which contain fruit acids.They gently affect the skin, leaving it supple and soft.Glycolic acid, which is also part of the cream significantly accelerates the procedure.Generally wizard in the salons often referred to as a kind of pedicure cream, not acidic.


Even so positive procedures have contraindications.Firstly, it is impossible to carry out those with damaged skin.In the presence of scratches, abrasions, cuts spending pedicure acid is strictly prohibited.Included in the cream substances can cause harm scarred skin or just add a lot of discomfort during the procedure.

Second, contraindications are fungal diseases.Despite the fact that some types of fungi are treated with an acid, to carry out such experiments with skin impossible.Especially at home.There is a risk of acid burns, consequences of which are pretty hard to fix later.

Materials and tools

To do pedicures acid require a minimum set:

  • cream, which is composed of fruit acids (available in specialty stores);
  • file for stop (it is desirable that it was precisely nail file, not pumice);
  • tub with warm water and nutrient solution;
  • food film;
  • nourishing foot cream.

Last desirable to select with vitamins and minerals that their legs were satisfied in full immediately after the procedure, when the pores are most visible.

steps to implement

first clean foot is soaked in a warm bath with nourishing oils.It not only promotes relaxation and cleansing of the feet, but also actively decoupling the skin.After a foot soak for 15-20 minutes, thoroughly disinfect them.For this you can use a special tool, and the usual chemist's Ant alcohol.

Then on foot to apply the cream with fruit acids.Dense and uniform layer.To speed up the procedure, legs wrapped in cling film.After 10-15 minutes, it is removed, a cream rinse.While the skin is softened, held it carefully with a soft nail file for the feet.Notably, the entire stratum corneum is removed together with the cream.Processing nail file is only needed in order to align the skin.The final step is to rinse the feet in warm water, drying them thoroughly with a towel and then applying a nourishing cream.


Acid pedicure, reviews of which are positive, it came into vogue not so long ago.It is noteworthy that many of the girls who have tried the procedure were very, very happy.Firstly, the legs and the truth became clean and soft.Secondly, no irritation, flaking and itching after the procedure has not arisen.Interestingly, most women prefer to do an acid pedicure at home, not in the cabin.This is due to the price of the procedure.At home, the cream is enough for a few sessions, which makes the procedure quite affordable - it is necessary to buy the main means.Inside, the procedure will cost several times more expensive than buying cream with fruit acids.


Naturally, for many pedicure - not just bringing the legs in order, and color coating on the nails.That is why there are a couple of points to keep in mind.First, the best topcoat - Biogel.For pedicure acid is especially important.The material protects the nails, strengthens them, decorate and reduces the number of procedures for the color coating.Secondly, it should be remembered that the applied bio-gel, gel lacquer, varnish or gel before the feet are lubricated with cream, otherwise the material will simply not hold because of poor traction.