Outside the Chuvash, features characteristic traits.

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style of existence, life, rituals - all affect the appearance and behavior.In the center of the European part of Russia Chuvash live.The characteristic traits is inherently linked to the traditions of these wonderful people.

origins of the people

to distant about 600 kilometers from Moscow is the city of Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic Center.This land is home to a colorful ethnic group.

There are many versions about the origin of this people.It is most likely that the ancestors were Turkic tribes.These people began to migrate to the west in the II century BC.e.Seeking a better life, they came to the modern republic back in VII-VIII centuries and three hundred years later created a State which was known as the Volga Bulgaria.Hence the Chuvash.The history of the people might be different, but in 1236 the government broke the Mongol-Tatars.Some people fled from the invaders to the northern lands.

name of the people from Kyrgyz means "modest", the old Tatar dialect - "peace."Modern dictionaries argue that Chuvash - is "quiet", "harmless".For the first time the name is mentioned in 1509.

religious preferences

unique culture of this nation.Until now, the rituals can be traced elements of the Near East.Also on the style influenced a close dialogue with Iranian-speaking neighbors (Scythians, Sarmatians, Alans).Not only the life and economy, but also took over the Chuvash manner of dress.Appearance, features costume, character and even their religion is derived from the neighbors.So, before joining the Russian state, these people were Gentiles.Supreme God called the Tour.Later in the colony began to penetrate other faiths, such as Christianity and Islam.Jesus worshiped by those who lived on the lands of the country.Allah became the head of those who lived outside the area.During the media event otatarilis Islam.Yet, to date, most of the representatives of the people are Orthodox Christians.But the spirit of paganism is still felt.

merger of the two types

Various groups have influenced the appearance of the Chuvash.Most of all - Mongoloid and Caucasoid race.That is why almost all the representatives of the people can be divided into blond and representatives of Finnish dark type face.Inherent blond brown hair, gray eyes, pale, oval face and a small nose, skin is often covered with freckles.At the same time, they mean somewhat darker than Europeans.Brunettes often curl curls, eyes dark brown, narrow shape.They badly pronounced cheekbones, nose and dented yellow skin type.It is worth noting that their features are softer than the Mongols.

differs from neighboring groups Chuvash.Characteristic features for both types - a small oval head, the bridge is low, his eyes narrowed, a neat little mouth.The growth medium, the fullness is not inclined.

Casual image

every nationality - a unique system of customs, traditions and beliefs.It was no exception and the population of the Chuvash Republic.Since ancient times, these people are in each house independently produced cloth and canvas.These materials were sewn clothes.Men are not supposed to wear a linen shirt and pants.If it becomes cool, they added to their way and sheep fur coat.There were unique to himself Chuvash patterns.Outside a woman successfully emphasized the unusual ornaments.All things were decorated with embroidery, including propped shirt worn by ladies.Later, it became fashionable bars, and the cell.

in each branch of the group were and are their preferences in color clothes.Thus, the south of the country has always favored the rich shades and northwestern ladies loved bright fabrics.The dress every woman present Tatar wide pants.A mandatory element is the apron with bib.It is especially hard decorated.

In general, very interesting appearance Chuvash.Description headdress is to provide a separate section.

status was determined by the helmet

No representative of the people could not go bareheaded.So there was a separate flow in the direction of fashion.With great imagination and passion decorated with such things as tuhya and hushpu.First worn by unmarried girls on the head, the second was only for married women.

first hat served as a talisman, amulet from misfortune.To this amulet were treated with great respect, decorated with expensive beads, coins.Later, this subject is not only decorate the exterior of the Chuvash, he began to speak about the social and family status of women.

Many researchers believe that the form of headdress recalls knight's helmet.Others give a direct link to the understanding of the structure of the universe.After all, according to the ideas of this group had a land rectangular in shape, and in the middle stood the tree of life.The symbol of the latter was a bulge in the middle, which featured a married woman from the girl.Tuhya was pointed conical shape, hushpu - rounded.

with particular thoroughness selected coin.They had to be melodic.Those that hung from the edges, bump into each other and rattled.Such sounds to scare away evil spirits - believed it Chuvash.Appearance and character of the people are in close relationship.

code ornament

Chuvash are famous not only soulful songs and and embroidery.Craftsmanship was growing generations and handed down from mother to daughter.It is in the ornaments can read the story of man, his affiliation to a particular group.

main feature of embroidery - a clear geometry.The fabric should be just white or gray.Interestingly, decorated clothes girls just before the wedding.In family life, it was not enough time.So what they did in their youth, they were the rest of his life.

Embroidery on clothing complements the exterior of the Chuvash.It was encrypted information about the creation of the world.So, symbolically depicting the tree of life, and eight-pointed stars, rosettes or flowers.

After popularizing factory production changed style, color and quality of the shirt.Older people have long lamented and assured that such a change in the locker room trouble and bring upon their people.Indeed, over the years, the true representatives of this kind is becoming smaller.

world traditions

A lot of people say customs.One of the most popular rituals is the wedding.The character and appearance of the Chuvash, traditions still persist.It is worth noting that in the old days at the wedding ceremony did not attend the priests, shamans, or government officials.Witnessed family guests action.And the parents of the newlyweds visited the house all those who knew about the holiday.Interestingly, the divorce is not perceived as such.According to the canons of love, which combines front of his family, must be faithful to each other until the end of life.

Before the bride had to be older than her husband for 5-8 years.In last place when choosing a partner put Chuvash appearance.The character and the mentality of these people demanded that first of all she was hard-working.To give the young lady married after she has mastered the household.Adult women also have committed to educate the young husband.

Character - customary

As previously mentioned, the word itself, which was the name of the people, with the majority language is translated as "peaceful", "calm", "modest".This value corresponds to the absolute character and mentality of the people.According to their philosophy, all men are like birds sitting on different branches of the great tree of life, each other - a relative.Therefore, their love for each other is boundless.Very peaceful and good people of Chuvashia.The history of the people does not contain information about attacks innocent and arbitrary in relation to other groups.

older generation keeps the traditions and lives under the old scheme, which have learned from their parents.Lovers still married and swear allegiance to each other in front of their families.Often arrange mass celebrations in which loud and melodious sounds Chuvash language.People wear the best costumes, embroidered on all canons.Cook traditional mutton soup - Shurpa and drink homemade beer.

future last

In modern conditions urbanization tradition in the villages disappear.At the same time the world loses its independent culture, unique knowledge.However, the Russian government aims to ensure that the maximum interest last contemporaries of different nations.No exception and Chuvash.Appearance, features of life, flavor, rituals - all this is very interesting.To show the young generation the culture of the people, conduct impromptu evening the students of universities of the country.Speak and sing at the same time, young people in the Chuvash language.

Chuvash Reside in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, so successfully breaks their culture to the world.The representatives of the people support each other.

Recently Chuvash language was translated ledger of Christians - the Bible.Literature is thriving.Ornaments and ethnic clothing inspired by well-known designers to create new styles.

There are still villages where still live under the laws of the tribe of Chuvashia.Outside, men and women in traditional folk of graying.Great history is preserved and venerated in many families.