The best abdominal exercises

desire to have a beautiful belly - is what unites all the girls.This means that you need to download the press, but it should be done correctly.Therefore, in this article I will tell you about a variety of abdominal exercises.

any goal can be achieved only through perseverance, will and patience.Handsome press - is no exception.Of course, you can choose an easier method of achieving the goal and simply sit on any diet, but because exercise has its advantages: you become more agile, flexible and young.

Not everyone can find the time or the money for trips to the gym, so we talk about abdominal exercises at home.It is necessary to train both the lower and upper part of the press.But in any case, when you do any exercise involved the entire muscle, but in the different exercises the main burden falls on any one part.That is why it is impossible to carry out only one thing.

Prior to the training you need to decide some things.You should choose which days and at what time you are going to do.After all, your success is directly dependent on the regularity of your actions.The best way to do abdominal exercises three times a week for an hour a day.To think that the more often the better, is not: this will only get worse, your muscles will not have time to recover.

Any girl who wants to lose weight, he immediately begins to do abdominal exercises.Therefore, we talk about what exercises to do and how to do them correctly.

first exercise: you have to lie on the floor, while putting his hands behind his head.Lift the body so that the right arm stretched to the left knee, then return to starting position.Do the same thing, only with an inclination in the opposite direction.Exercise should be repeated as many times as you can, but do not force yourself to do it through the pain.Persistence and perseverance - it's good, but not in this case, because in the morning you will have a stomach ache.

second exercise: Lie on the floor with knees bent legs, abdomen retract.Lift the upper part of your body to your knees and put your hands between your legs.Again, repeat the exercise as many times as is in your power, no more.

third exercise: you will need to lie on the floor and raise your legs about ten centimeters from the floor.Slowly start to pull his legs to his chest, straining with the abdominal muscles.Repeat the exercise as many times.

fourth exercise: lie down again on the floor and pull straightened his hands behind his head.Then, at the same time lift the arms and legs, pulling them together and try to touch the tip of your arms straight down.This exercise is very easy, but to people who previously did not do anything like this, will be difficult.

Fifth exercise: you have to lie on your stomach and stretch your arms in front of him.Legs and arms must be off the floor.Then start to raise and lower opposite leg and arm, as if you are floating.Lifting of the body, they need to hold in this position for five seconds.Do not forget that during this exercise, arms and legs should not fall on the floor.

abdominal exercises - it is always good, but some little physical exertion.If you have a stomach there is even a very small layer of fat, then your press still will not be visible.That is why we should also monitor their diet and way of life.Try not to just limit yourself to something, and stick to the diet.Nobody is talking about those horrible diets that include a couple of apples a day and a glass of water.After a diet means not only limiting themselves in all things.This refers to what you need to stick to any one diet, eat more vegetables, fruits, less sweets.

This article has described the most effective abdominal exercises.Follow the tips, and you will be sure to succeed!