Why is it necessary to protect and preserve wild plants?

plants - part of nature, part of the ecological system of the planet Earth.Each plant - value component ekotsepochku globe.Disappear at least one of its units - upset the delicate balance of nature in the carrying system (food, raw materials, climate) of the universe.That is why it is necessary to protect and preserve wild plants from the total or partial disappearance.

A variety of wild plants

Wild plants are classified into:

  • trees;
  • shrubs;
  • grass.

There are more than 350 thousand different plants from the simplest unicellular organisms to giant trees.They grow not only in the forests and steppes, but inhabit the world of water, live in the inaccessible depths of the oceans and seas in the torrid deserts and rocky cliffs, even seemingly uninhabitable glaciers of Antarctica.

Value flora wildlife

From early childhood, kindergarten, then - in schools and universities, we instill a love of nature and explain why it is necessary to protect and preserve wild plants.

First of all, the plant - staple food for animals and humans.Amino acids, vitamins, proteins, that is all that is required for their activity, contained green flora.

Exterminating flora, humanity is on the path of self-destruction.Why is that?It is necessary to protect and preserve wild plants because oxygen is vital for humans and animals, produced by photosynthesis in plant cells.A particularly large number of components of air released by forests - the lungs of the planet Earth.

Walking through the forest or hiking in the mountains - a great form of relaxation.Green color has a calming effect on the nervous system, and oxygen-enriched air is beneficial.

of cotton and flax produce natural fabrics, wood goes to the production of furniture, paper, to build houses, and so on. D.

Almost all representatives of the plant world - and edible and poisonous - can be used for preparation of medicines that save the lives of manypeople.

use the gifts of flora in almost all spheres of human life demonstrates why it is necessary to protect and preserve wild plants.

Save wealth of flora for future generations

Tourists random and regular visitors of the forest tearing the roots, trampled actually savagely destroy rare and even endangered flowers - snowdrops, orchids, crocuses, edelweiss, lilies of the valley, Adonis.Deforestation, uncontrolled collection of medicinal plants, plowing virgin soil under the field - all this brings irreparable harm not only to the local ecosystem and the plant world as a whole because of the small lot is.

Why preserve wild plants?In order that future generations could enjoy the green and flowery meadows bezbrezhem, shaggy firs and cedars mast, an abundance of mushrooms in the rainy autumn, not to change the species composition of fauna and climate, even the smallest element, but an essential place on the planet.For this rare and endangered plants take under protection at national and international level, are entered in the Red Book, the population is artificially reduced in the botanical gardens.