Lebyazhye lake vacation in the Crimea

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picturesque corner of the Crimean peninsula, which will be discussed, referred to Bakhchisarai.This region is imbued with the spirit of the east to the depth of the roots of its perennial trees.Among the bright colors of the mountains is Lebyazhye lake, it seamlessly fit into the local flavor.Beautiful nature, diverse animal world - that's what surrounds this place.


to find this place in the cellar.The main thing is to remember the connection that unites Lebyazhye lake, Crimea, Bakhchisarai, dam.Last - is the name of the village, which is located near the lake.If you ride at your own transport, the guided help information signs.But to get to the place where the lake is located Lebyazhe, it is possible and on a bus route which passes through this place.Select the last option is to prepare for the fact that the bus stop you need to walk more.Indeed, such was the nature of paradise is simply obliged to hide from prying eyes.The area of ​​the lake is fenced and guarded.In touch with the lake, it is possible to clarify the question of how to better and faster to get here.Across the road are located Crimean explanatory displays and directional signs that will be the main guide for travelers.

Rest now

Increasingly, people tend to spend free time away from the bustle of the city.Communion with nature helps to restore power, recharge your batteries and get away from the monotony of everyday life.Some choose wild places, not at all prepared for idle pastime.But Lebyazhie vacation on the lake with confidence can be called a comfortable and civilized.The fact that on its territory there are cabins with private facilities, pavilions and campsites.

It is possible to rent a house for rent and stay in this wonderful place for a few days.The unique landscape, which is surrounded by Lebyazhye lake beckons and attracts families and big companies.Seasoned tourists do not miss an opportunity to stop in this place, all the more so for a rest all conditions.Spring and summer - the most appropriate time of year to visit Lebiazhie lake, it is the time ripe berries and blooming shrubs.You can make tea from herbs, which glorified Lebyazhye lake Crimea.If you manage to get here in the rainy season, it is certainly possible to assemble a basket or two mushrooms.The clean mountain air and unspoiled soil guarantee the safety of this delicacy.In general, on the lake can be health benefits to spend time with relatives and friends.

kiddies will not be bored

The lake is popular because it is the fact that children do not have to be bored here.In order to facilitate the recreation parents, established in the territory of a playground with trampolines and slides.Lebyazhye lake is not for nothing was considered a good place for a family holiday.

smallest vacationers can also have fun on meadow among blossoming field.For example, you can chase butterflies or weave a bright wreath.The houses that were built in the territory, have hot water, bathrooms, beds, microwaves and kettles.This will make the youngest visitors stay here as comfortable and care about them - convenient for parents.

Unforgettable fishing

lovers of this kind in many ways to pleasantly surprise opportunity to go fishing on the lake.A great variety of fish awarded Lebyazhye lake Crimea.Bakhchisarai can not boast a large number of freshwater, so this place is very much appreciated.Here, the bait can be caught mirror carp, carp, perch, pike and even carp.Around the shores of bridges built for fishing, and the fish you can not go out of the arbor.

Those who are not afraid to plunge into the water, Swan Lake reward crabs.For cutting and cooking the catch you have all the necessary equipment.What can be fishing in the open air in a circle of merry company?Personally caught fish can be cooked on the grill, but you can take with you - all at the request of visitors.Fishing rods and fishing equipment can be rented, and in addition you can obtain valuable advice from experienced fishermen.You can come here at any time of the year.

Inseparable swans

its name Lebyazhye lake was an ulterior motive.The main symbol and mascot of the place became a swan.In its waters lived two pairs of white and black swans.These graceful and beautiful birds can live only in clean fresh water, and how is this lake.Some species of wild swans are listed as endangered and are on the verge of extinction.

Crimea climate is ideal for living and breeding of these beautiful birds.As you know, the swans - a symbol of loyalty and devotion.Birds choose a mate and spend her entire life.If it happened that they had to leave, the new partners, they do not start spending rest of my life alone.Lebyazhie On the lake you can watch them and plunge into the world of these amazing birds devotees.Especially fascinating black swans, which in nature are less common usual white.

Pleasant memories

fresh mountain air and unforgettable Crimean landscape permanently impress tourists.This place will certainly help relax from the city bustle and clear thought.

Moreover, the trophies will long recall this lake.The collected berries and mushrooms, mountain herbs and fish catch - all delicious and healthy remembering.Lebyazhye Lake is one of the best attractions of Bakhchisarai, which is required to visit each inhabitant of the Crimea and the tourists.